A Guide to the Best Places to Get Fish and Chips in Leeds


The fish and chip has been a staple of British eating culture for centuries. It is possible to enjoy fish fried and chips that are hot, and it’s easy to see why.

There are plenty of chippy restaurants located in Leeds that serve the finest seafood and fish. We’ve listed 13 of our favorites and the things that customers say about them below.

Wetherby Whaler

The Wetherby Whaler chain of restaurants and takeaways with great food, and a nostalgic setting. Fish and chips lovers in Yorkshire are in love with it.

The company has been able to save the original Harry Ramsden’s establishment in Guiseley from being closed for good when it was purchased by a rival firm. It is expected to invest PS500,000 in the renovation that makes it an integral element of its national network.


Murgatroyds offers the most exquisite fish and chip store in Leeds and offers both a fast chippy cup of tea or the chance to savor a delicious meal. As part of the Chadwick family and the Chadwick family, this Yeadon restaurant provides a homely relaxing atmosphere as well as delicious meals made of fish.

There’s a wide selection of seafood on the menu, including garlic prawns and smoked Haddock. Many meat options can be found, such as fishcakes and chicken.

The Town Hall Tavern

The Town Hall Tavern is located right next to Leeds’ famous town hall. It’s located in a Timothy Taylor pub that serves the freshest British meals and tasty drinks.

It’s a great spot to relax after a busy day in Leeds. Also, it is a wonderful spot to meet friends or have a drink with your family.

The restaurant offers a range of food items made from home-cooked Yorkshire ingredients. The menu includes starters, sandwiches and pub favourites.

Mother Hubbard’s

Mother Hubbard’s is a well-known fish and chips restaurant that has outlets across West Yorkshire. The shop is famous for its delicious battered fish , and its soft golden chips, the place is a favorite among the majority of.

The restaurant serves up some of the traditional dishes like Icelandic cod and haddock served in beef dripping. This is a fantastic place to go if you’re seeking a classic seafood and fish meal in Leeds.

Art’s Cafe Bar and Restaurant

Art’s is adored by locals in Leeds and visitors to the city’s centre. Found in Call Lane, it’s a full service restaurant by day and an amazing bar at night.

It’s a great restaurant to enjoy a meal and especially for those looking for some of the top fish and chips available in Leeds. The menu a la carte is extensive and serves up various options.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Michael O’Hare was the first to make his mark on Leeds with his graffiti-strewn space with Flannels. The Man Behind the Curtain is one of the most unique and memorable eating experiences in Leeds.

The 14 and ten-course tasting menus that he’s created include a wealth of theatre artistic and creative. Every dish, from the smokey BBQ red prawns to the sweetbreads made of veal all the way to the char siu Octtopus, and Squab Pigeon is a show of creativity and culinary imagination.

Charlie Brett’s

Located just a stone’s throw from Headingley Stadium and close to Bus routes and bus routes, Charlie Brett’s has been around for a long period of. It’s easy to smile at the delicious food items like fish and chips.

You can order take-out or dine in, and they offer a gluten-free menu. Also, they offer a discount to Leeds card holders.

Their speciality dish The signature item is Icelandic haddock that is battered, then deep frittered and served together with Lincolnshire Maris Piper chips. They also have a wide assortment of other fish recipes that are sure to satisfy.


Family-owned, Skyliner’s is an excellent location to enjoy a classic fish and chips dinner. Skyliner’s is famous for serving high quality fish in generous portions.

They also have a fantastic assortment of food items and delicious chip-shop gravy. They’re very well-loved and patrons love them.

The Oxford Place

Fish and chips are common British favorite, however there are numerous places to try if you’re looking for the top. There are many traditional chippys as well as other establishments that serve the iconic British cuisine, but with modern twists.

Golden Union is located close to the city’s Oxford Place. It offers an atmosphere that is retro and tasty fish and chip. The potatoes and fish originate in from East Anglia and are sustainably captured.