A Guide to the Top 5 Sports Bars in New Orleans for Watching the Big Game


There are a variety of great spots to catch a sporting event within New Orleans, whether you are a local or visiting. There’s a place to sit in these venues and also a tasty food menu.

Cooter Brown

Cooter Brown’s Sports Bar situated in Carrollton and St. Charles is a ideal spot to watch an event in the sport. It is a well-known landmark within NOLA since 1977, the year it opened within the Black Pearl. The locals love the place that has a delicious oyster bar, as well as an extensive bottle and can menu.

The main draw of this sports bar is its deluxe oyster bar. There are a variety of beers on taps and menus which is centered around oysters. There’s also hookah bars.

Cooter Brown’s is sometimes referred to as “The Park”, which is a reference to the various outdoors spaces this place offers. It is also known for its live entertainment. It is possible to attend the show or get something to take home for dinner.

The Big Dean’s Sports bar

New Orleans has great venues for you to watch NFL as well as NBA games. Numerous bars and sporting venues in the city provide a relaxing atmosphere for you for you to relax and enjoy your sporting time. They provide a variety of food and drinks, and a fantastic ambience.

The bar, which is casual, is situated within the Warehouse District and features several televisions. The bar offers a wide variety of beers. It is also possible to watch an international soccer game.

Local’s bar has a wide selection of beers and a good variety of bottled and canned beverages. Also, there is a great variety of pub food.


There are a variety of great NOLA bars offering bars with sports options. There are plenty of beverages and enjoy various sports in these bars. There are also plenty of restaurants. There are even places which offer international sports.

There are a few of New Orleans’ most famous bars for sports all over the city. Some are local bars and others that provide upscale views as well as dining. They are known for their delicious meals and having a fun atmosphere.

Finn McCool’s is among the best bars in NoLA. The Irish bar is a favorite in the area. It’s a great spot to watch American as well as European soccer, and rugby. There are nine TVs in the bar. screens inside the bar.


There are a variety of great New Orleans bars that offer sporting events, no matter if you’re an avid sports fan or simply wanting to watch an event. They are everywhere including low-key bars within your local area to luxury watching spaces. New Orleans has many bars and eateries that provide bars that offer sports-related services.

Tracey’s Sports Bar is an area hangout that offers many beers on tap as well as a wide selection of food choices as well as a variety of TVs. It’s a great place for family and friends to catch a game. Large crawfish boils for crawfish are another draw. The venue has a huge screen that is perfect for sports occasions.

The Pluckers

New Orleans has plenty to provide Super Bowl fans, whether you’re a local, tourist or a fervent football fan. There are numerous bars in New Orleans that provide an opportunity to watch the action and enjoy an alcoholic drink.

Two massive screens measuring 13 feet tall can be seen in the Archie Manning Sports Bar, situated in the downtown area of Harrah’s Casino. There is also seats with leather, desks with anchors for sports as well as recliner seating. There is a wide selection of drinks and an extensive menu in the bar.

Coop’s Place is now a popular neighborhood spot. It serves a broad variety of drinks and snacks and the famous Red Beans & Rice. There is a patio in the bar, which can be utilized to view the action.

Sidecar Patio Oyster Bar

Sidecar Nola Patio Oyster Bar is located in the Warehouse District. It offers raw oysters as well as fresh seafood. Cocktails with a tropical flavor are also available. This is a great place to catch the Big Easy game.

New Orleans has many bars which serve sports drinks. There are some spots which stand out due to the quality of their drinks and food. There are a lot of great bars in the city that provide bars that offer sports-related services, regardless of whether you’re looking to watch the team’s match or an important sporting occasion. Here are some of them to check out:

R Bar: This bar is perfect for people looking for a relaxing and fun environment. It offers a wide variety of beverages and food. This is a great place for a celebration because it’s located in an historic structure. They are open anytime and are accessible all day.