Argentina win World Cup qualifier to earn place in Qatar


The Mexicans are in awe of this year’s World Cup. The first game of the tournament will be played on April 1. Mexico will face Argentina. Mexico has a solid team that is capable of making big strides during the tournament. However, they will need to show their full potential to defeat a very talented Argentina squad. Mexican supporters are among the most passionate around the globe. They generate a buzz whenever their team plays. Mexico will play Argentina exactly the same way. Mexico is sure to have the backing of all its citizens, and is hoping for victory. Mexico is a country which has been a winner of twice at the World Cup twice in its time.

1. What do Mexican people think about their squad’s World Cup performance?

Mexican fans were disappointed by the performance of their team at the World Cup. Some blamed the coach for not properly preparing the team and others were angry with the players for failing to give their all on the pitch. There was plenty of anger and frustration towards the team and many supporters were calling for changes to be made ahead of the next World Cup.

2. What did Mexico do against Argentina in the World Cup?

At the World Cup 2022, Mexico was playing Argentina in the opening game. Argentina took the lead 2-0 with Lionel Messi scoring both goals. Mexico was a poor opponent to Argentina, with very few chances created. Messi was the most effective player on the pitch, and Argentina seemed to be the more dominant team all through the game.

Quick Summary

Argentina beat Mexico by 2-0 in a thrilling match with both teams striving for victory. Fernandez and Messi were scoring. This win sees Argentina advance to second in the groupand is just a few points behind leaders Brazil.