Certis CISCO made improvements to firearms return procedures after officer’s suicide in 2020


In September of 2020 an Certis CISCO officer took his own life. Following this tragedy, the security firm has improved its processes in tracking guns issued by the company and making sure they are returned on time. The coroner’s inquiry has revealed that Certis’ operational control officer was notified of an AEMS notification issued by Certis CISCO advising him that Elanko hadn’t returned his revolver since September 19, the 19th of September, 2020, around 11:59pm. The officer tried to contact Mr. Elanko multiple times, they were unable to get in touch with him. Following the following day police went to Mr. Elanko’s house and discovered that he had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

1. What message was sent out in the alert to you, the Certis CISCO officer received?

The alert email that officer Certis CISCO officer received was concerning the announcement that the company made improvements to its firearms return procedure following the suicide of an employee in the year 2020. 2. What was the message? The email said that the company had made changes to its firearms return processes following the suicide of a police officer in the year 2020. It also explained that these changes have been made to ease the process for officers to return their firearms when they finish their shift. 3. This is just one of the recent changes. Amendments to the law enable officers to surrender firearms to anyone Certis CISCO location, and not just the one has been designated to them.

2. What were the processes of the security company improve?

Certis CISCO implemented improvements in its firearms returns procedures after the passing of an officer. The most notable improvement was the implementation of a compulsory psychological test to all officers prior to when they are allowed to have guns. This evaluation is designed to detect any possible problems with mental health that may lead to an officer harming their own or another. The evaluation should only be performed by qualified professional in mental health and be reviewed at least every two years. Apart from the psychological evaluation, Certis CISCO also requires that officers take part in regular training in firearms. The officers will be taught how to safely use firearms.

Quick Summary

Singapore The story of a Certis CISCO Officer took his life in 2020. The security firm has increased its tracking and return methods, as a coroner’s inquiry discovered. In the State Coroner’s report, Adam Nakhoda declared the suicide of a Staff Sergeant aged 33 Nadzrie Matein within the coroner’s accounts released on Wednesday, on the 20th of July.