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Chris Redds’ Wife Claim that he is dating Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife. Chris Redds divorced from his wife just a couple of months ago. According to her, Redds met her while she was at the same college. They started dating after their relationship ended. Redds claims she can prove that they’ve been dating and have continued to date.

Who are the Claimed wives?

The woman claimed that she was the ex-wife of Kenan Thompson whom she was married to her during the time of their divorce. According to the woman she asserts that Redds didn’t give her a fair chance of reconciliation following their divorce. In addition, she claimed that Redds didn’t support or assist her during their divorce proceedings. Additionally, she claims Redds did not respect her during the separation, and didn’t treat her fairly in their initial meeting several years later.

What’s the Claim Situation

The claim scenario in this case would suggest that the claimant is the woman in question, and the Claimant is 2. It would seem as it was not a third party (ex-wife) in this instance. This could theoretically be true however, legal complexities could create a difficult case to prove.

What’s the story behind the Claim?

The claims appear to have originated through informal sources however it’s not certain when or how this particular claim was made. There is a possibility that the claim might have been filed in order to gain an amount of financial compensation from Redds, as he has in the past refused to let her to meet him, or to communicate with him.

What exactly is the Claim.

The ex-wife of Chris Redds, who was divorced from his wife nearly two years ago, has filed a claim against him alleging that he’s still in her home and is dating her. Their divorce took place in April. The claim claims that the ex-wife was informed of the separation via Redds’ May 1 2016 letter in which he mentioned, “I am still seeing my ex wife – it has been six years since I divorced her but we’re in good standing.” Redds claims that he hasn’t relocated from his home since the divorce, and is still seeing his ex-wife even though there is no marriage. You will have to take specific steps to make sure the divorce process is as simple and seamless as is possible. They may have to live in a continuous relationship for six months following the annulment or separation (in most instances, this involves that you live apart).-Filing the proper statement of annulment or separation within 3 days of the other.-Receiving the decree nisi (a document that permits the dissolution of a marriage).


Chris Redd’s wife is saying she is seeing Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. This claim is based on the fact that they divorced in 2009, and Chris has been seeing his ex-wife on and off for the last few years. In the Claim Situation states that the couple married at an unofficial ceremony, but separated later. The situation may be complicated by legal and family issues. It’s likely that Chris and the woman are still friends and not associated with one another informally.