Decoding the Best Video Game Easter Egg From ‘The Last of Us’ Episode 5


It’s hard to overstate how effectively ‘Last of us is able to stay true to its sources, which is the reason why it’s always a fun viewing experience. Episode 5 tries to recreate some of the hardest scenes from the game.

Henry and Sam’s Tale

The sniper showdown in the suburbs which opens the show is an excellent example of how this show has the ability to make gaming-related moments into cinematic spectacles. Joel is able to sneak into the scene and attempts to kill the sniper with a long-range weapon. This move perfectly matches a portion of the game where the players are required to do the exact same.

Then, there’s another throwaway conversation in which Ellie states that she killed two people infected. It’s an evocation of the part of the game, where you can’t go outside with weapons due to the large number of infected under the city.

The greatest scene from the episode isn’t really about the use of video games. Sam wakes up and Henry calms him down, telling him they’re safe. There’s no infection at the surface, so they shouldn’t worry about the shooters. Henry also draws a masked superhero image on his notebook in order to keep Sam relaxed, a sweet gesture that brings back that jolly side of the series and its original material.

Kathleen’s tale

In a heartbreaking scene, Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey from Yellowjackets) shares her part of Henry’s life. FEDRA is the militant organization from Kansas City that killed her brother Michael. She is determined to retaliate.

Despite her brother telling her to apologize to Henry, Kathleen is now determined to take revenge on Henry. This is an extremely powerful scene, which ties in with the plot of revenge and cycle. Each person can be either person of the villains or heroes based the way they view it.

Perry (Jeffrey Pierce) is a new character who assists Kathleen in her pursuit of Henry in pursuit of Henry and Joel. The episode is more sombre than previous episodes because of his morally ambiguous characters.

He also helps her be less reckless in her revenge plans. Although it’s an insignificant detail, it shows the effort to help her become more relatable as a person.

The Bloater

The Last of Us Episode five features Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie, and Henry (Lamar Johnson). They were all infected by a swarm of people infected who came out of a source. Bloater was among the suffering, and it turned out to be the most frightening scene in the episode.

Contrary to the Clickers which Joel, Ellie and Tess were able to avoid in previous episodes, this creature possesses large, fungal-like overgrowth that makes it hard to get rid of. It is visible, yet it’s not impossible to take it down. It will eventually begin to burn through the armor plating that covers its body, rendering the creature vulnerable to tactics based on fire.

The Bloater’s appearance isn’t just an exciting addition to the show; it’s also a reference to a video game viewers of the show may be familiar with. In the game, the players play the character Sarah that dies during an encounter against soldiers.

The Most Fun Video Game for Easter Eggs

This week’s HBO adaption of Naughty Dog’s “The Last Of Us’ features plenty of easter eggs that players will love to discover. Below are a few of the most well-known ones found in this week’s episode

The Ellie’s Pun Book – One of the most memorable scenes from The Last of Us video game is Ellie making jokes out of the Pun Book to Joel. It’s an excellent touch, and it’s nice watching her do it on the show.

Finding an out of-order Mortal Kombat arcade game – This episode sees Ellie and Joel encounter an arcade machine with an old version of Mortal Kombat. This is a sweet allusion to Ellie’s relationship with Riley The Left Behind DLC.

Tess’s lighter – – Another interesting Easter egg to be found this week is the lighter of Tess, which is branded with a star and the number at 76. This is a nod towards the Uncharted series also made by Naughty dog.