How Argentina’s Penalty Win Over France Reinvigorated Passionate Fan Support


Reese Witherspoon, Ashton Kutcher and other celebs recently expressed their love for the Argentinian team during the Qatar World Cup. Witherspoon posted a short video on her followers on Instagram of 28.6 million where she was in fact biting her nails as watching the game. Ashton, on the contrary, shared an image of him sporting the Argentinian jersey with his caption reads “For Messi.” The final result was that the Argentinian team prevailed with a dramatic penalty shootout. The excitement and joy during the game were seen across the world. Two stars from the A-list showing their that they support the team was an inspiration and gives a sense of what it’s the experience of being a football supporter.

1. Did you know of a sport Reese Witherspoon was nervous about?

Reese Witherspoon seemed to be talking about her to the The 2018 FIFA World Cup Final, that saw France take the trophy by the penalty shootout, 4-2. The match was held at the Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, Russia. There were 79,000 spectators who were present for the game that was significantly lower than the other World Cup Finals. Media outlets and fans expressed their disappointment at the lack of attendance, and pointed the fact that it was less than previous World Cup Finals. The final of the 2018 World Cup took place in America for only the second time in 1994, was attended by a minimum of 90,000.

2. What team did Ashton Kutcher support?

American actor and producer Ashton Kutcher was seen in the support of Argentina during the final World Cup match against Argentina, France. The exciting final game in the 2018 World Cup was exciting, and Argentina’s victory against France by penalty sparked a lot of interest. However, there was low attendance during the game and many be unhappy with the team’s failure to effectively promote the event and draw more fans to the venue. However, Kutcher was enthusiastic about the game, and was a strong supporter of Argentina by watching the match and supporting the team the match. The presence of Kutcher at the game can be a testament to the enthusiasm and excitement this World Cup instills in its supporters across the world.

3. How many Instagram followers is Reese Witherspoon?

Many have expressed displeasure of Argentina’s participation in the World Cup final, some saying it was ‘horrific’. This is an interesting stat that shows how little fans are actually excited for the final game of one of the biggest sports tournaments. It is possible that the low attendance resulted from a variety of factors like distance from the the host nation or costs. This could also result from the fact that the game featured just two nations on the continent. In addition, the fact that penalties were utilized could have slowed the enthusiasm of the crowd.

4. What was it that made the turnout at the Qatar event such a low number?

The fans were unhappy with the final World Cup attendance at Qatar for France-Argentina, which was described as to be an “embarrassing” attendance, and turnout. The event was cancelled because of a shortage of fans. The first is that Qatar is a small soccer fan base. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that all fans could physically go to games. The cost of travel to Qatar is significantly higher than comparable nations. The event took place in the winter months, which makes it challenging for football fans to travel abroad.

A Short Summary

In 2022, the World Cup Final between Argentina and France is going to be remembered as being among the most exciting matches of recent times. The Lusail Stadium did not have the typical fanfare, but it didn’t stop each team from giving all they could and putting on an unforgettable World Cup Final. People from all over the world posted on social media and celebrated the victory of Argentina. It proved that regardless of our differences, everyone can come together to enjoy a spectacular performance of football.