Listening is the Key to Employee Engagement and Retention


Front line workers have valuable insights that top leaders may overlook. They can give useful insights and serve as a source for new ideas. People who work in front of you have the most insight into the issues within their organizations. This is particularly important in business. People who are attentive to their leaders are the top of the line.

Stanley McChrystal

General Stanley McChrystal, a retired Army general, and a leadership coach is a great leader who has lots to share about leadership. In his TED talk, McChrystal shared lessons from history and from his own experiences as the leader. He drew on his 34 years in service as an U.S. Army officer and his experiences from Middle East and Africa. Middle East and Africa to outline his leadership style.

One of the most effective strategies to develop into a better leader is to listen to the opinions of others. Stanley McChrystal, retired from the United States Army in 2010 and has created a consultancy company that is known as McChrystal Group. McChrystal Group. The firm provides guidance on leadership and communications for business leaders. His works include bestseller Risk The User’s Guide that outlines ways for dealing with risks. Additionally, he is a member of the boards of directors at Navistar, JetBlue Airways and Siemens.

He’s taught leadership classes

This TED Talk is presented by a former U.S. Army General. The General shares his lessons from leadership. In the talk it discusses the importance of listening and learning about the differences between management and leadership as well as the importance in being able to manage with failure. General McChrystal has been in the military for over thirty years in the military. His experience and knowledge will inspire you to be a better leader.

You have to work hard for a good leader. People who excel at managing others are those who arrive first and then the last ones to leave. Since they understand they will be looked up to them so they put in long periods of time and make fewer breaks. As a leader, you have an honor and a responsibility. Although it’s not easy do not let the title deter you from working hard. It’s not easy to become a leader, so you shouldn’t be afraid to work hard.

He has also given business executives guidance

A former 4-star U.S. Army general has some great guidance for business leaders. The general believes that young persons have the most valuable experience. His ideas were first presented at a 2011 TED talk. It may appear like an entirely different way of the leadership process, Gen. McChrystal has been the subject of numerous books.

The first piece of advice is to ensure that each employee count. “Everyone is on your team has something valuable to contribute,” Gen. Dunwoody declares. That means making every member count and rewarding them for the work they do. If you do it right it will result in an organization that’s highly productive.

The principles he lives by

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is a retired four-star U.S. Army general who believes that the younger and lesser persons have the most valuable expertise. In 2011, McChrystal spoke at an TED gathering on this. He highlighted the need to invest in the next generation of military and military leaders.

Senior military officers need to establish clear expectations and strengthen those standards over the course of their career in order to be successful. It is also critical that four-star leaders continue to model these values long after having completed they have completed their active-duty service.