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America’s Got Talent: The Results.

The response of viewers to America’s Got Talent was generally positive. Most viewers appreciated the show’s range and enjoyed it to view. According to preliminary data from America’s Got Talent the average rating of the show was 2.9 five stars. The rating is higher than 2.4 five-star ratings in the first season and indicates how popular the show has grown since its initial airing. Furthermore, the contestants enjoyed a large amount of respectability, with the majority of viewers rating them positively during their audition process.The viewers’ reaction on the show’s American’s Got Talent was overwhelmingly positive. The majority of viewers (64 percent) reported that they were satisfied with the program, while just over a third (35 percent) found themselves only moderately pleased.While the judge’s reactions varied, most were positively impressed with the contestants and their talent. The judges gave praise to the finalist for their abilities, courage as well as their dedication towards their work. Some even went so far as to say that America’s Got Talent had “outdone itself” in terms of talent competition.Subsection 2.2 The Judges’ Reaction to America’s Got Talent.The judges of America’s Got Talent were unanimous in their scores for each performance. One judge was not impressed with the stage performances or the outfits worn by some contestants. The jury was unanimous in its decision: America’s Got Talent is a great success. Viewers and judges alike were overwhelmingly awed by the show’s American Got Talent. However, there were some areas that need to be improved. In particular, viewers expressed concern about the lack of variety in the contestants’ lineup and others believed that the judges were not properly objective. The criticisms are not significant in comparison with the reactions positive to America’s Got Talent.


America’s Got Talent: Results was an incredible triumph. The viewers loved it. The judges were pleased with the talent as well as the overall performances of the contestants. America’s Got Talent has shown that it has a lot of potential. And the attention that this season has generated is only going to increase.