Schalke’s disappointing season: what went wrong?


Schalke currently sits on 17th spot in the 18-team league. The team is barely holding on to their place in the top class. The team has only won one league match in this campaign. They only won against Bochum, who currently sit in last place. Though Schalke’s year wasn’t the best, they continue to fight for a spot in the top division. Hopefully they will be able to improve their fortunes by the middle in the current season.

1. Which was Schalke’s biggest challenge this season?

One of the biggest challenges for Schalke this year has been their string of heavy defeats. This has put the team in a difficult spot, which has made them ineligible recover. Even though the coach Kramer was under immense pressure to rectify the issue, the team is still trying to get moving. This was the reason he was fired.

2. What is the capabilities of your team?

It’s evident that the team was capable of turning things in the right direction, judging by the latest news that Schalke has dismissed their coach Kramer after a string of costly defeats. It’s a major turn in events that demonstrates the team’s determination and capability to face obstacles. It will be fascinating see how the team fares next time they are without their coach.

Quick Summary

The Schalke’s decision to fire Frank Kramer was due to the club’s recent run of losses. It’s clear that the club was not happy about Kramer’s style of leadership and decided to change. It will be fascinating to determine who they select to replace him and whether that person can turn the team to the right direction.