Standing Up to Corruption: Understanding Why Punishment is Necessary for Disgraced Real Estate Agents


It is with heavy hearts that we write about the outcome of Aaron Drever’s appeal of his 24 month prison sentence. Justice Paul Davison rejected Drever’s appeal, bringing an end his legal journey. Drever’s family and friends have been grieving for the loss of their beloved one. Over the past two years, Drever, a successful real estate agent, has been serving time as a result of deceit or forgery and also dishonestly with a legal document. This was compounded after he was brutally attacked in the kitchens of Ngawha Prison by an inmate who should not have been in the prison.

1. What crime was Aaron Drever convicted of?

Aaron Drever is a former real estate agent that was fired and has been sentenced to the death penalty. He was found guilty of both fraud and forgery. Both criminal acts carry a severe sentence. In this instance, fraud it refers to the illegal usage of another’s identity for the purpose of gaining financial gains, while forgery refers to the act of altering documents to gain an advantage. In this instance the judge found Aaron was using a fake document to purchase a property and, as a result, committed fraud and forgery. The court rejected his appeal. Aaron will be detained in prison until punished.

2. Justice Paul Davison gave Drever the following sentence

Drever The disgraced real estate broker, has been denied his appeal from Justice Paul Davison and must be imprisoned for the rest of his life. Justice Davison imposed a long period of imprisonment as well as a large fee to Drever in return for reponsibility for the charges for which that he committed. Justice Davison handed the sentence to ensure that Drever could not continue to commit illegal activities and also to deter other criminals. Though the sentence can be harsh, it’s designed to ensure that justice is served and that Drever’s actions are punished.

3. How did Mr and Mrs White react to the public support they’d received?

The Whites, Mr. and Mrs. White were undoubtedly overwhelmed by the immense public support they’d received in reaction to the news that the appeal by their son was not accepted and he’d remain behind the bars. They became unwitting ambassadors to the people who are victims of a broken justice system. And the people embraced them with open arms. This support took many types, like online campaigns, as well as local rallies. It showed the Mrs. White and Mr. White that their circumstances were not unique. While they obviously felt sad to see their son locked up in prison, the overwhelming amount of affection and love their received inspired them to continue fighting for justice.

4. What occurred in Ngawha Prison which affected Drever’s circumstances?

The circumstances surrounding the infuriated real estate agent’s appeal having been dismissed and his subsequent need to serve time in prison is a sad illustration of the legal system’s limited ability to show mercy. The incident at Ngawha Prison, which exacerbated the issue, was a violent outburst involving the agent Drever. Drever, and four guards at the prison. The dispute reportedly started when Drever along with the guards engaging in an argument which escalated to physical confrontation and ended with Drever being restrained and placed in solitary confinement. This incident, along with additional circumstances in the incident, led to an order from the court to reject the appeal. Drever has to accept the mistakes he made and remain in jail.

Quick Summary

It’s clear that in all three cases involving Adam White, Aaron Drever as well as members of The Church of Scientology, justice has been tragically elusive. White was unfairly sentenced in prison for fighting for his home, Aaron Drever was the victim of an attack that killed him in jail , and the victims of brutal assault and rape perpetrated in the church have been denied justice. It’s encouraging to know that Adam White’s young family has been supported. However, more must be done in order to get justice for the victims who were wrongfully treated by powerful individuals or organizations.