The Cunt Student Newpapers – A Review


“C cunt Student Newpaper” is a new entry to the ever-expanding genre of online newspapers. If you read the papers, you will know what we are writing about and why, but this time we will also give you some suggestions on how to improve your writing skills. In an age where everyone uses the internet to get things done, the newspaper still has a role to play. They may not be quite as glamorous as they used to be, but the thought of a blank piece of paper is not so appealing. This is why more people are turning to online forms of entertainment.

This week’s Paper is called “C cunt Student”. It is written by Alexievich while he was a student at university in Belgrade. He describes his experience as a result of studying for his exams and the cultural shock that the process had on him. He also tells how much time he spent chatting to friends using MSN and chatting with random strangers on Facebook.

Alexievich ended up going through a number of personalised reviews on different sites. All of these reviews are interesting, even if each review is written by someone who is only peripherally related to the person who has just left. This makes it very easy for anyone who reads the Paper to feel like they know the writer because they feel like they have some insight into their experience.

I was a bit surprised at how many students read the Paper this week. A quick scan shows that it is mainly read by male students. The author is clearly trying to make himself sound like an authority on matters related to the papers subject, but all that effort comes to nothing when he fails to write coherently or correctly. He does a good job of summarising the paper very well, however.

“Cunt Student” might have been less enjoyable to read had it been more coherent. There are plenty of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Even the punctuation looks bizarre. Luckily the author provides a nice list of resources he recommends to help correct the problems. The problem is that there is no page numbered marker to indicate where on the page the error is located. That means you just have to read the text to find it.

The Paper is not a complete waste of time. It is mainly good fun for a student who really should be working. I enjoyed reading it and actually learned something from it. Most of my friends were impressed with my Paper and asked me to help them with their essays. Maybe next time I need some help with my essays I will read The Cunt Student Newpapers.