The amazing preservation of this 380 million-year-old heart – what can we learn from it?


In a recent study, researchers have found that a certain type of fish that existed for 400 million years shares a surprising similarity with sharks of today. their heart chambers are situated in their throats! It’s an amazing discovery as it gives insights into how the human heart’s structure has changed over the years. The most amazing part is that researchers discovered fossils of these fish which were preserved in 3D which allowed them to analyze the heart with great depth. The findings of this study are crucial to understand the development of the heart, but also for understanding how other organs are changing over time. These studies could offer insight in how we can protect ourselves from diseases.

Quick Summary

The fossilized organ study gives us with new insight into the past and future of our evolution. Co-authors of the study stresses the importance of the findings, stating that “we have all been connected to the greatest extent possible.” This research could have an important difference in how we perceive our role in the world.