The construction at IAH is causing delays and disruptions for travelers.


Hobby Airport, Inc. (HAI) recently announced that in October 16, 2018, they would no longer use IAH as their main airport. This decision is a result of the growing cost of maintaining and growing facilities at the IAH facility. It’s been difficult for the airport to accommodate the ever-growing demand for travel. They have also struggled in maintaining the needed equipment and make the necessary renovations. Hobby Airport regrets making this decision. The airport will continue to search for other sites.

Hobby Airport reconsiders IAH closure plans

Current plans of the Hobby Airport would be to close it to allow for the construction of an entirely new soccer arena. There has been controversy over this because there are many who believe that the airport can host large events in its current state. There are numerous internet petitions and rallies for the closing of the airport. Many are promising to fight until there’s changes to plans.There are numerous reasons that the Hobby Airport might reconsider their plans to close. 1.) It is in excellent condition and could easily be upgraded;2) The city of Houston has plans to build a soccer stadium that will be built on the site, so the airport would not cause any harm; 3) Other airports within Texas that could easily handle large events, without shutting to the public, like George Bush Intercontinental Airport or Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

How can I start at Hobby Airport.

The Hobby Airport is a great location to begin your journey in aviation. It offers everything you’ll require for your passion, such as an enormous selection of aircraft accessories and aircraft. There aren’t hotels or jobs that are available at the airport, there is a wealth of information for you to succeed in the aviation field.

Hobby Airport Resources

Hobby Airport provides a range of tools to help you in the beginning of your passion. The website gives information about the aviation equipment and accessories, in addition to tickets and regulations for airlines for flights into and out of the airport. There are a variety of activities and workshops are offered by the airport for both students and new pilots. They also provide information and help from experienced pilots.

Find a job at Hobby Airport

There are a variety of options available to those who want to work in the Hobby Airport. You can look into an employment opportunity at one the many local businesses that offer services related to aviation such as air cargo transportation or ground servicing; these businesses frequently have employees who aid in aviation-related work for example, refuelling planes and providing hangar space. A different option is to apply for jobs at any of the numerous local airlines that may have jobs available in their cockpits or tower departments. These jobs might require some knowledge of flying cars, and other technological advances!

Tips for success in Hobby Airport. Hobby Airport.

If you’re in search of a career within the Hobby Airport, there are many opportunities. You can search the Job Boards, and look through ads for the ideal position that matches your preferences as well as your skills. It is also possible to look into the possibility of contracting or freelancing.

Begin your journey in the Hobby Airport

Be sure to start your search at the correct location: the section for hobbies of the airport! The Hobby section offers a broad variety of opportunities and resources, so start your search there and be on the right track to successful results. Look over this great tip sheet for beginners before you begin exploring!


Hobby Airport Hobby Airport has been rescinding plans to close IAH however, it’s not certain what the next step has in store. Be sure to check back frequently for information on developments, because there might be changes that are yet to be announced. If you’re interested in a job on the Hobby Airport, use the tools available to help you get started. Find a job in time and then enjoy your time at IAH!