The dangers of a “runaway” constitutional convention


What is The Republican Revolution.

The Republican Revolution began in the early 1800s when a bunch of conservative Republicans who were led by John Adams, began to argue that the Constitution should be rewritten according to their beliefs. The Republican Revolution’s goal was to substitute the Constitution by an oblique document in order to protect their privileges and views.

What is the goal of the Republican Revolution

The goal in the Republican Revolution was to protect their beliefs and privileges and also to amend the Constitution to allow them to take it over completely. In order to achieve this aim, they turned to violence and vandalism in attempts to eliminate opposing opinions from the government. It was during the Republican Revolution threatened the Constitution by proposing modifications to our Constitution that would increase inequality in the economy and allow wealthy citizens more political power. The proposed changes were rejected by many different groups. The result brought conflict (and Reconstruction).

What are you able to do to safeguard your Constitution?

The Republican Revolution is an imminent threat to the Constitution. There are numerous options to stop the progression of this revolutionary movement: Learn about the issues that surround both the Republican Revolution and the Constitution. Then you will be able recognize the extent of their threats and learn ways to defend yourself. Any unconstitutional changes made during the coming years ought to be resisted. The public can voice their opinion against any unconstitutional changes to your area or in your neighborhood. Let people know the importance of the Constitution is to democracy and the individual rights of your local neighborhood. The Republican Revolution poses a threat to our Constitution. Discover more ways to protect our Constitution and take part in an effort to fight the Revolution. As an activist, you are also able to participate in political activism to help ensure the protection of our Constitution. The information on this is available on sites such as The Huffington Post and If you believe you’re a vital player to fill in the fight and would like to be a part of it, consider applying for an office or volunteering for a local group with a focus on protecting our Constitution.


The Republican Revolution is a threat to our Constitution. Discover more about our Constitution and join organizations that oppose this movement to fight to preserve the Constitution. Also, you are able to act politically to protect the Constitution. It is crucial that we collectively work to protect our nation’s most important documents. Thanks for taking the time to read!