The history of the traditional hot wing.


This week a South Norwalk restaurant won the National “Best Traditional Hot Wing’ award. The restaurant beat the Buffalo Anchor Bar from Laramie (Wyoming), the Blind Rhino of Norwalk won the award. The blind rhino, however, is no stranger to receiving prizes, this was their first.

Appetit Bistro

One South Norwalk restaurant has won an award at the national level for its famous hot wings. The restaurant is known for their grilled pizzas and wings. However, they also have a craft-beer selection. It’s located inside the Ironworks’ former Harlan Publick restaurant. The owners opened a second location at Downtown New Haven in August. The restaurant is extremely popular with tourist and locals alike.

The Blind Rhino, which has establishments in Bridgeport and South Norwalk, has won several awards for its wings. In this year’s contest, they took home the ‘Best Traditional Hot Wing’ title in the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York. The wing restaurant won the prize, over restaurants who came from New York, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

The Insane Rhino

An South Norwalk restaurant has taken home the ‘Best traditional Hot Wing’ prize from the National Buffalo Wing Festival. The second year in a row The Blind Rhino won this award with its locations in South Norwalk, Black Rock and Black Rock. It was the sole Connecticut restaurant that won the honor in this particular category. Its Blind Rhino defeated Buffalo Anchor Bar, Weitzels Wings/Double Dubs in Laramie (Wyoming) as well as Archer’s Tavern, Ohio.

In South Norwalk’s well-known South Norwalk sports bar, The Blind Rhino will be celebrating the sixth anniversary of its establishment in October. The owners claim they have a lot of exciting plans coming up. Craig Dohme, who runs the company, said they have a variety of exciting projects in store.

El Segundo

A national award was won in the name of Blind Rhino, an El Segundo South Norwalk restaurant for delicious wings. It is said that Blind Rhino has won 18 award for its wings. The restaurant will soon be heading to Buffalo, New York to take part in the nation-wide Buffalo Wing Festival. It’s one of the largest festival of wings in the United States that brings together foodies from all over the world. Competitions include wing eating contests, mullet eating contests, and competitions for wing bobbing.

Apart from hot wings In addition to hot wings, the South Norwalk restaurant offers trendy street food options from all over globe. There is also the option of ordering Japanese Scallion pancakes, and Australian lamb chops. Also, you can get drinks that come from other nations, such as Peruvian Cristal beer and Mexican Coke.

Weitzels Wings

Recently the South Norwalk restaurant won the national “Best Traditional Hot Wing” award. It was able to competing against restaurants from throughout the United States. Its wings beat out Buffalo’s Anchor Bar and Double Dubs and Wetzel Wings in Laramie, Wyoming, as well as Archer’s Tavern located in Columbus, Ohio.

The restaurant has won more than 25 awards for its wings. The restaurant launched their South Norwalk flagship and now plans to open an Black Rock branch. Blind Rhino has an amazing food truck, as well as the flagship retail store.

Archer’s Tavern

Not only are the best traditional hot wings prepared in New York’s restaurants but they are also sold on the streets in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Since its opening in the year 2015, the Blind Rhino South Norwalk has received over 25 awards. The restaurant is also well-known in the Black Rock area, with plans for a second location by the end of 2019. Its main attractions include contests for eating wing and the mullet contest.

Blind Rhino is a Bridgeport-based sports bar that has been selected as the best hot traditional wing during the National Buffalo Wing Festival. Live music played as part of the festival, as did as contests to eat wings, and the bobbing of wings. The award-winning wings at the restaurant were compared to those from an opponent, Weitzel’s Chicken in Laramie, Wyoming.