The impact of mob violence: what does it achieve?


The vigilante group attacked the New Karachi police station to punish a woman who was accusing of desecration. They wanted to impose themselves on the person in question, and they did not want to comply with what the law required. This violates the law and law. We’re very dismayed by this kind of lawlessness. Everyone should be peaceful and observe the laws. This isn’t the solution and could lead to more chaos and violence.

A Short Summary

The police in these cases must ensure that personnel are educated on dealing with the blasphemy FIRs and offer emotional assistance to the relatives of suspects. The husband of the accused has said that his wife was emotionally upset and it’s likely that she was not in the proper mindset when she made remarks that led to the filing of an FIR being brought against her. The issue should be examined by the authorities. If they find that she’s not stable, they must dismiss her case and offer the medical treatment that is needed.