What Pet Insurance Covers the Right Things?


What pet insurance covers depends on the policy. The first thing to consider is the type of coverage you need. There are usually three basic categories of coverage available: disease, accident, and emergency. Most pet insurance policies written today are either for disease, accident, or emergency, and most health benefits are usually offered as an additional add-on. (VERY FEW owners actually buy accident-alone pet policies.)

Disease and accident policies are generally the most expensive. They also cover the most common illnesses and diseases, although this is beginning to change as companies become more aware of the hidden costs associated with illness and disease. Illness covers a wide range of conditions from cancer to arthritis to depression. Pet insurance will also pay for treatment for injuries. In many ways, illness and injury cover all the basics.

Emergency policies, by necessity, are the most expensive. They cover very serious illnesses and accidents immediately, sometimes even covering treatment that has already occurred. There is no waiting period in most instances. Once the illness or accident has been diagnosed, treatment may be begun immediately, usually within one day of the onset of symptoms. Some coverage plans offer coverage even if the owner didn’t bring the pet to the veterinarian within the waiting period.

Most insurance companies offer a “combined” policy that offers a variety of benefits. This means that if you have other coverage plans, such as another type of insurance such as renter’s insurance or life insurance, your pet can be added to them at a discount. When you buy a “combined” policy, you often save money over getting two separate policies from different providers. What pet insurance covers depends on the specific coverage options in the package. Usually the most comprehensive plan covers accidental injuries and illnesses.

The right knee brace, by the way, isn’t covered by any insurance companies today. It’s too expensive a treatment. However, there are some breeds of dog that are at higher risk of suffering from a particular type of acute knee injury or disease. These include Akitas, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, and Great Danes. These dogs are more apt to suffer from a bilateral condition, such as degenerative knee arthritis or dislocated kneecap, than other dogs.

You don’t want to leave out the very small dogs when it comes to illness insurance for your pets. A lot of small dogs are victims of theft, attacks by other animals, or both. This is where a good pet health and wellness policy come into play. Illness or accidents that are caused by an animal, such as a ruptured ovarian cyst, are covered by many quality insurance plans for your pet. This is something you should make sure your dog has when you get him or her insured.