Are we prepared for the next evacuation?


Ommissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the nearly 20-year war in Afghanistan has forced 2.6 millions of Afghans to seek refuge elsewhere and displaced 3.5 million other people. According to Associated Press, the U.S. has invested $2.26 trillion to fight the war. This is that significantly more than $300 million an everyday, or even more than 2,500 U.S. soldiers died in the conflict, with over 20000 wounded. There are numerous enduring people, individual rights are under pressure plus the dependence on support continues to grow. The IOM’s updated Comprehensive Action Arrange (CAP) for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries, focusing on help to 3.6 million Afghans, has only funded at 34 %.

1. that are UNHCR’s employees?

The Overseas Organization, additionally understood as which will be understood underneath the name of this us High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) provides help and security to victims of violence and persecution. The UNHCR had been founded in 1950 in the aftermath associated with the Second World War, aided by the mandate to lead and oversee worldwide efforts to protect and help refugees and other war victims. The only UN agency can be trusted to give refugee security and aid. A damning study claims which was released, the Evacuation from Kabul is a chaotic and confusing time with tragic and unavoidable results. The incident has had to light the UNHCR’s work as well as its challenges to confront.

2. Who would be the beneficiaries whom will be the beneficiaries of UNHCR assists?

The un tall Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a supply of support and protection for people who are forced to flee their houses due to conflict or persecution. It's a requirement if you are internally forced to keep (IDPs) as well as refugees who cross internationally-boundary boundaries. UNHCR provides life-saving aid, which include shelter, food along with water. It also provides ongoing support, including training, livelihoods, and school funding. UNHCR stacks up for refugees as well as IDPs and works to ensure their legal rights are protected and allow them to begin rebuilding their lives with respect and protection.

3. Are the UNHCR is a human liberties organization?

Assisting and protecting refugees from throughout the world could be the objective of UNHCR (United un tall Commissioner for Refugees). Into the aftermath regarding the evacuation of Kabul as well as the surrounding areas, the UNHCR is under assault for just how it managed the issue. The UNHCR ended up being criticised for how it handled the situation. A report claims that it created chaos and confusion that triggered tragic and avoidable consequences. The UNHCR is defending its actions in a statement that says it’s difficult to handle the evacuation on this magnitude. Nevertheless, the outcome of the report declare that more could be achieved to stop the terrible outcomes that took place.

4. What are the main achievements of the UNHCR?

The United Nations tall Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had been established in 1950, throughout the aftermath associated with 2nd World War, to assist an incredible number of Europeans whom fled or was indeed forced away by the war. The Agency is entrusted with the task of leading and coordinate the international work to safeguard refugees and resolve problems of refugees throughout the world. Its main goal is always to protect refugees’ rights plus the health of refugees. Its goal is always to ensure that all refugees are able to apply for asylum and discover refuge in a different country. Additionally, it gives the opportunity of integrating in to the community and relocate in third-country countries. Tens of millions are being assisted by the UNHCR to re-start their life.

Fast Summary

The united states declares that their War on Terror provides comfort and freedom to Afghanistan. But, it's clear that the united states ended up being wrong. It’s clear that the usa doesn't have concern for the Afghan populations’ wellbeing, and it has inflicted immense suffering on Afghans.