Bally Sports South and Nashville Predators Renew Media Rights Agreement


Predators announce a brand new media rights contract in conjunction with Bally Sports South. This makes Bally Sports South the sole licensed partner of Predators Hockey South Africa. The agreement covers the entirety of Predators hockey games in the future, including this season. The agreement also includes some of the earnings generated by NHL games played in South Africa. How the New Media Rights Agreement Impacts Predators Hockey. Bally Sports South is the sole owner of rights for Predators Hockey. Every home Predators games will be telecast in South Africa. The agreement also includes an agreement for two years that provides Bally Sports South exclusive rights to air every Predators home hockey matches. It is a sign of the confidence of management that they are successful in South Africa, and ensure success for the team.

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Predators Hockey now has exclusive rights to all South African home matches. Predators Hockey now has the exclusive right to broadcast every home game within South Africa. The move should provide significant benefits to the financials. If you’re interested in purchasing this stock, be sure your plan of investment is longer-term. Prepare yourself to deal the volatility of the market and stay up to current on economic news.