Britney Spears speaks out after receiving backlash for body-shaming incident


Britney Spears Responds to Another Singer Upsetting Fans with a clarification.Britney Spears issued a clarification statement on Twitter after another singer upset fans with a derogatory tweet. In the statement, Britney posted, “I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my tweet. I didn’t mean to harm their feelings.” She added that she would “love for an understanding and peace” between the two groups of fans.The latest Twitter controversy started when Tyler, The Creator tweeted”outbreak,” a track ” outbreak ” in which lyrics target other artists. Nicki Minaj (the performer behind the song) took issue with Tyler’s tweet with a hateful message. Britney Spears decided herself to tweet support for Minaj’s position. In her tweet, she wrote: “I’m sorry if anyone felt offended by my tweet. They weren’t offended by my tweet. She added that she would “love for there to be an understanding and peace” between the two sets of supporters.

Britney Spears clarifies her position on Twitter controversy

Britney Spears clarified her Twitter account on the 25th of July after Demi Lovato upset her fans with Tweets that were deemed offensive. Lovato asserted that Spears made use of her platform to “promotion” of herself. Lovato removed the tweet and apologized.

Britney sings took to Twitter in the hope of clarifying her position.

“I love my fans I’m sad that I’ve been perceived as insincere. Music is my love and I’ll continue to show my support for it exactly the way I’ve always been. Britney Spears clarifies her stand regarding her position on Twitter issue. Britney responded to another singer who offended fans by providing clarification. In an official statement, Britney Spears stated that she stands on her earlier tweets and also stated that she “does not support” the behavior of the artist. Britney Spears also stated that she adheres to her tweets, and said she “does not endorse” the actions of another singer.


Britney Spears reacted to another singer upset fans with a clarification. Britney Spears clarified her position in relation to the Twitter controversy, and also stated she did not regret anything for what she said. Britney Spears clarified her position on the issue and provided an apology to her supporters. This will help in further debates on the amount of control she holds in her posts to social media.