How Celebrity Cruises Beat Out Other Cruise Lines to be Named the Top Travel Agency of the Year


Celebrity Cruises has recently named the best travel agents and cruise lines for this year. And the outcomes are impressive. Naturally, you’ll already be aware of some of the big name brands, however there are several smaller, less unique operators that make their way onto the list. Read on to find out more about these organizations as well as the services they offer.

Avoya Travel

Celebrity Cruises has recognized Avoya Travel for its excellent customer service and sales performance. Avoya Travel also received the Chairman’s Awards 2014 and President’s Award 2016.

Avoya is a travel agent. Avoya offers exclusive discount and services for tourists. Avoya also provides technology and marketing services to aid independent agencies. Avoya has also been included in the top magazines for industry like Travel Weekly.

Celebrity Cruises & Avoya share an exclusive relationship that allows both businesses to increase their revenue. Both companies work together in order to help independent travel agents to operate. Additionally, they share a strategy for success which encourages their customers to demand Celebrity Cruises.

Alaska Cruisetours

Alaska Cruisetours may be an excellent way to add worth to the value of your Alaska cruise. They provide the perfect combination of sea and land journeys and are accompanied by knowledgeable tour guide. They provide quick access to Alaska’s most popular tourist attractions, such as Denali National Park and the Inside Passage. There are many cruises that offer optional excursions. Guides are able to help provide recommendations.

One of the best aspects of cruisetours is the fact that they mix a world class cruise and a long-distance trip on land. It means you’ll get the opportunity to visit many of the most well-known locations in Alaska which include Anchorage and Fairbanks, while also enjoying an inside view of the passage, which can be described as a beautiful waterway that runs through Alaska.

Mexico Cruisetours

Celebrity Cruises has a large fleet of cruise ships sailing through a wide range of destinations around the world. These include European, Caribbean, and South American itineraries. Paying with cash is available through the company. Customers can make payments using their credit cards instead of cash. For international travel, there is a deposit of $50 per individual mandatory. Once the cruise is reserved, each passenger will be issued a SeaPass card and a report detailing fees.

The cruise line is also known for its luxury motor coaches. Most of the motor coaches on board feature state-of-the-art technology, and can help travelers see sights.

In addition to the numerous awards received at the hands of Celebrity Cruises, the company is rated as the top cruise line within Europe for the past 12 years. The company is also renowned for its original Live LeadsTM program that offers visitors a wide range of options to keep them occupied and entertaining.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal Panama Canal has earned the title of a modern engineering marvel. It is a bridge connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It’s one of the most impressive engineering feats, but it is also a sanctuary for wildlife. The park offers a assortment of sites based upon the location.

The cruise ship Panama Canal is a truly wonderful moment. Every year, around 14,000 ships pass through the Canal. The ships can be seen crossing the river on a range of shore excursion. A visit to Miraflores Visitor Center, for example, is highly suggested. It has an array of exhibits including the theater, a gift shop, and an observation platform.

South America

Celebrity Cruises presented Avoya Travel with the President’s Award in 2016. This honor was awarded to Avoya Travel for its excellence in the field of travel technology. Avoya is a top-rated South American travel service for many years. This award marks two times that the travel agency has been honored with the President’s Award from Celebrity Cruises.

This award recognizes those that are the leaders in the world that is advancing travel technology. The award went to Shared Success ™, which connects consumers and independent travel professionals in the Avoya Network.

It is the company’s way to acknowledge its partners that attract more visitors to the ships. This also increases demand for Celebrity Cruises.

New Mega-Ship Cruise Lines category

Celebrity Cruises is a global pioneer in the industry of cruises with a reputation for providing luxury vacation experiences with exceptional service. The company offers year-round sailings within Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada as well as Europe. Both travel agencies as along with the most prestigious cruise lines in the world have awarded them the top honors.

Celebrity Cruises received top honors in the past year from Conde Nast Traveler. It was the seventh straight year in which the cruise line has received top honors.

The biggest cruise ships on the planet are being relaunched every couple of years. They are often equipped with cutting-edge designs that are high-tech. The business community was than thrilled with these vessels.