How to get a free upgrade when flying with family


It’s important to request an upgrade prior to you travel. It is common for people to check in at the airport before they arrive to request an upgrade. Many people would like to share aisle seats or with their loved ones. Some may also want a unique seat for a wedding or special occasion.


At times when travel is at its peak, it can be easier to get an upgrade in a group as opposed to a single person. Be sure to smile and greet other passengers, as it will set the tone of conversation. Do not hesitate to request the airline for an upgrade.


A free upgrade is perfect, especially when you’re travelling on your own or in a group of just one other. Seinfeld offers a Seinfeld episode that concentrates on Elaine’s situation in cramped quarters. It doesn’t need to be dramatic. The most you have to do is have the appropriate attitude.

‘Ask’ airline

If you can, consider upgrading with your family. It’s much simpler to accomplish if you’re a party of one. Begin by starting a conversation with the travelers by smiling and greeting. This establishes the tone for the conversation.


It is possible to win a free upgrade along with your loved ones, however, you will need to pay more to secure seats. That way, you’ll reduce the cost of your next trip. The best thing is the fact that you can bid with both miles and cash.

The program ‘Ask For’

You have several options for receiving a free upgrade for the loved ones of yours aboard an aircraft. You can first request it. Most airlines allow passengers to ask for upgrades at no expense. Also, you can request your gate agent find out if an upgrade possible. If you’re denied an upgrade, inform the gatekeeper about the circumstances surrounding your request and ask them the payment.