How both fighters’ weight changes could affect the outcome of the fight


Gennady as well as Canelo Golovkin are two boxers who have various body types and different weights. Both have powerful punches. Canelo is, on the other side, is regarded as super heavyweight, while Golovkin is referred to as super heavyweight. This will result in an intense fight in the event they meet during a match. It will be interesting to see the ways Canelo beats Golovkin even though they are in different weight direction.

Canelo was beaten by Golovkin.

Canelo is a lesser-known boxer, has a less professional track record. Golovkin however, on the other hand has participated in some of the most famous and high-profile boxing matches and has more experience than his adversaries. Golovkin has a better performance record, with 37 victories out of 42 bouts.

Golovkin is a more formidable fighter with a better history

Golovkin is a champion who has won two world titles already He will take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his next fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is among the most popular and powerful boxers in the world. Golovkin has proven himself to be a winner, and has proved time and repeatedly that he is able to defeat anyone in a single exchange. The victory he won over Saul Alvarez, an opponent who is considered to be among the weakest around, demonstrates Golovkin’s ability to fight those who are stronger than him.

Canelo How do you outweigh it.

You need more than just good boxing abilities to defeat Canelo Alvarez (unbeaten boxing superstar) and is undefeated. In order to beat your opponent it is essential to beat him, and also consider your own thoughts. Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your adversaries through working with an experienced fighter during training. The experience of an experienced fighter can be an excellent source. Keep in mind that Alvarez is a seasoned boxer with many years of experience in training. Make sure you are prepared for the most effective fight you can and use the information you have gathered to your advantage.

Maximize your time

The fight will be won through being smart with the way you prepare and relying on your experience against Alvarez. It may be cheaper to take on the fight later and still give an excellent fighting.

Boxing can be a fantastic way to take on Canelo

The art of boxing doesn’t need to be reserved only for professional athletes. You can use them against Canelo Alvarez who is famous for his left-handed punch. In order to outdo your adversary it is necessary to utilize the boxing abilities of your opponent as well as the strength and endurance you have to strike punches that will cause injury or even death to the opponent.

Here are some suggestions for getting rid of Canelo.

A good boxing technique is crucial for beating Canelo. The boxers are far too powerful to lose or be subdued by traditional strikes. Concentrate on your brain and brain to make sure you are successful at this task. Stay calm throughout the fight and don’t get caught up in the action. The best boxer knows when to take a break and allow his hands to do the job.

Canelo is a powerful drug that can overwhelm your head and brain.

It’s important to think about the things Canelo could do and then consider ways you could beat his abilities. If you know that Canelo is not a great close-range fighter It is a great option to employ distance tools like knees or hooks instead of fighting him using punches. Be aware that no one can be flawless. Even the best boxers have their weaknesses.

During the battle, stay focused and calm

Combat can be overwhelming for numerous fighters. Do not let that occur! Stay calm during your fight and focus at the goal. It includes fighting, countering or helping with punches. You’ll outdo your adversaries and prevail by staying focused on the things you must accomplish.


Canelo out-weighing is a great method to improve your fighter’s record and make it more difficult for them to lose. It is possible to win if you want to beat your adversaries. Utilize your knowledge and stay calm in fights. Thanks for taking the time to read.