The Importance of Cultural Cognition in Understanding Chinese and Korean Envoys in the Ming Dynasty


There’s been a rise in the last few times for the importance of big data as well as the use of it in research on historical events. This has resulted in the growing curiosity about the Ming Dynasty’s Chinese as well as Korean representatives. The paper will explore the way that large-scale data analysis used to understand the cultural perspective of these envoys. The paper will address the difficulties encountered in this study. They also represented their respective countries in court. They utilized Big Data Analytics to study their respective cultures. They Chinese and Korean ambassadors utilized Big Data Analysis in order to analyze their communities and the ways in which they interact in their interactions with Ming Dynasty. Interviews, surveys and research were employed to accomplish this. They could understand their culture and help to assist the Ming Dynasty to serve its requirements more effectively.


Ming Dynasty was dominated by Chinese as well as Korean diplomats. The analysis of big data was utilized to study their culture as well as to improve the trade relationship with China as well as Korea. This was an important accomplishment for the Ming Dynasty as it allowed the dynasty to strengthen their position and allow them to support the reign of Chinese Emperor.