How the team’s resurgence has been a boost for cricket in New Zealand


Hayley Matthews has recovered following West Indies victory. Hayley Matthews was the winner of the women’s T20I World Cup final with an impressive score five for 54, which took 10 overs. The wickets she took were two in the final to boost her bowling arsenal. This was Hayley Matthews’s first Women’s T20I World Cup victory and has given her team a solid platform to compete in this year’s ICC World Twenty20 2019. Hayley Matthews is an incredibly resilient individual who bounced to come back from a loss to claim the Women’s T20I World Cup. This was a major victory for her team because it will give them a boost of faith ahead of next year’s World Twenty20.3 of the ICC. Twenty20.3Hayley Matthews rebounded from her tough defeat to win her first Women’s Twenty20 World Cup.Hayley Matthews bounced back from her tough defeat to win women’s T20I World Cup. With West Indies defeated in the final, Matthews became Australia’s first World Cup winner. It was a thrilling match filled with excitement and drama, Matthews batted first and put up a hefty 54 not out from 21 balls, setting up India’s captain Virat Kohli for the crucial over. The score was 2-1 in favor the home side of Australia, Kohli took Over but was not aware of Matthews bowling technique as she lofted him an extravagant shot straight for cover to complete her third wicket team-up along with Stafanie Binny. The player Mitchell Starc stranded at No. 5, and he needed just eight more runs in order to take the lead by 10 runs. This took advantage of some excellent fielding skills by India.

How to win the T20I World Cup.

Hayley Matthews bounced back from her triumph against West Indies in the T20I world cup. Hayley Matthews found the team that she was looking for as well as the game she was seeking. She also learned techniques and strategies to help her succeed. Finally, discover what team she likes and work towards becoming an avid fan.

Here are some ways for winning the T20I World Cup.

Hayley Matthews took home the series3-1 following her comeback from a sluggish loss against West Indies. These are the top four strategies to be successful in an aggressive, confident T20I World Cup match. Start strong. Before the ball is bowled , you should bowl cautiously and ensure your motions reach the zone. Do your best to score as quick as possible – you would like to make runs earlier into the innings, and especially when you are trying to win. Be physical – be sure to hit hard and be assertive when you defence.4. Use your speed – try and get quick wickets, or make slow deliveries which will cause your opponents to have a hard time trying to build scores in your innings.

2Use your skills well.

It’s crucial to ensure that you are prepared to handle the various situations while playing cricket. The ability to also field and hit cricket balls, but it is also important to know how to achieve this. If you want to be successful against West Indies, Hayley Matthews will need to be able use her expertise in all conditions she is facing.

Play as a team member

It requires more than working together. Matthews needs to collaborate with her fellow players to achieve success. If one person starts playing poor, the entire team needs to respond quickly and attempt to increase their performances.


Hayley Matthews took home the Women’s T20I World Cup after overcoming an uneasy loss. The winner was determined to play aggressively and using her skill well. She should now be focused on the best team and the best competition. In terms of tips to win a T20I World Cup, she will need to prepare for any conditions, and she should be a team player.