The reasons behind Southwest Airlines’ 3Q revenue guidance


Southwest Airlines released guidance for the third quarter of 2018.The principal emphasis of the guidance is about net income and revenue. The company expects that revenues will increase by 3% and net income will grow by 5percent.

What’s the outlook for Southwest Airlines.

The outlook on Southwest Airlines is positive. Southwest Airlines has experienced strong increases in passengers as well as increased revenues in recent years. It has led to a larger-than-expected capital budget. In addition, the airline is experiencing success with its brand new 737MAX planes, which have helped to increase traffic and profits. Despite some challenges, such as a weakening economy and competition from other airline companies, the company is solid and seems likely to continue posting good results for the upcoming quarter.

What are the main trends regarding Southwest Airlines

Despite having a difficult first quarter of 2018, Southwest Airlines has seen some constant growth during the past several years. The number of passengers has continued to increase even as competitors from other airlines have intensified; however, profits have increased by more than the average. This demonstrates how well Southwest Airlines is doing despite challenging times (despite facing stiff competition from rival airlines however, the profits continue to grow more quickly than the average). This means there’s no chance for this to change within the next few years and that the profits will increase regardless of how much airline industry congestion is increasing.”

What are the main priorities for your company.

Southwest Airlines wants to build from its two successful years of operations and maintain or enhance its customer experience. Southwest Airlines will concentrate on increasing capacity, enhancing the experience for customers, as well as enhancing operations.

Enhance Customer Experience

Southwest Airlines wants to make certain that its clients are satisfied and happy. The airline will provide better services to customers, cut costs and introduce new technology to achieve this. Additionally, the company wants to boost the number of promotional opportunities available for its products and services.

Starify Operations

Southwest Airlines wants to create an efficient and star-focused company that is dedicated to providing excellent guest experiences. It will require the development of methods of business that are innovative and implementing processes for change management and training staff accordingly.


Southwest Airlines has released its guidelines for the third quarter of 2018. The major focus of this advice was on improving customer experience, strengthen capacities, and improve operations. Southwest Airlines anticipates that revenue and net income to increase by 3percent and 5 percent each in the third quarter of 2018. But, Southwest Airlines is facing issues like increased competition and a slowdown in China. Its top priority for the company includes improving capacities, improving the customer experience and reducing expenses.