How to make the most of your Monday according to your horoscope


It is advised that you not shop or make decisions after : p.m. Chicago time. At that time, the moon will have moved from Cancer into Leo. Aries (March April -April) Today, you’ll spend your time focusing on your family and home. You may find yourself being in conflict with someone else or be aggressive. However, you can accomplish fantastic tasks when you collaborate with your partner or friend. Taurus (April-May) It is the most productive of signs. Do not waste time on minor disputes about religion, politics or race-related issues. Also, don’t be entangled in a rivalry with your coworker that could hinder your productivity.

-June Today is a productive day for those who work in the arts, entertainment world or the hospitality industry. You will also get much accomplished if you are training children, or instructing athletes. Beware of arguments about money and possessions. Cancer, June – July The Moon today is in your Sign. Some planets challenge it. It could cause you to lose focus if you are feeling angry or irritable. It is possible to get involved in a battle of wills between two people, a partner or friend. It’s not the best way to spend your time. Instead, focus on your dreams and objectives.

Your energy-rich energy of today could aid you to make huge strides on your home improvement journey. Leo You can make use of the power of your personality to influence others to support your cause. Do not let the naysayers bring you down. Virgo, you have what you need to succeed in your financial dealings. The money-making abilities of your brain are acute and you should trust your intuition and chase your goals.

Libra If you are Libra, you’re blessed with plenty of strength Today, you’re a powerful Libra. You have the sun and Mercury and Venus are all in your sign, and you are also receiving an additional boost of energy from intense Mars. You are quite powerful! Avoid getting involved in little disputes with parents or bosses. You can keep on going! Scorpions, you’re likely to get into arguments with your parents, siblings, or even your neighbors today. It is best to steer clear of controversial topics and just focus on what’s important for you. The inner strength and confidence to succeed So, trust your gut and remain on track.

It’s an excellent day to be the leader in a group. The group will hear you from your peers and others will follow. However, financial controversies or issues regarding shared responsibilities might be distracting. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to them. Go with what works. You leave a lasting impression on bosses, parents, VIPs, teachers and police. You can tackle any assignment by demonstrating confidence, authority and confidence. This is the reason they be able to trust you. So, pursue what you want and avoid getting caught up in private disputes.

Aquarius (Jan. -Feb. ): You have plenty of energy. You are able in your desire to travel, investigate different ideas and work in a foreign country or of other religions. This means that you’re willing to go out to learn what you need for you to achieve what you desire. Don’t be distracted by minor problems at work, as well as concerns regarding you or your pet’s health. Pisces (Feb. March ) A powerful day to bargain on your behalf to settle disputes about inheritances, insurance issues, or even to request loans or mortgages, because you know that you’re on the road.


In the end, it’s evident that taking the reins within a group environment is an extremely effective way to go. However, one must be aware of the possibility of interruptions. It’s important to aim in the direction you wish to go without getting involved in personal disputes.