John Stockton is still one of the best players at pickup basketball.


John Stockton will be retiring after a successful and long career playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, as and a brief time in Utah. His sagacity and strategies have been put to use by Olynyk. Olinic, who was a Gonzaga athlete, is getting a fresh start at the Jazz. After years of being in and out of the league, Utah was the only place that Stockton ever found.


Stockton is a 10-time NBA All-Star and a member of the All-Time team of the NBA’s 50th anniversary. The majority of the time, he is with the same group of individuals. It is here that he receives his education.


John Stockton still plays with Kelly Olynyk and other local pros in the weekly Sunday Night Pickup games in Spokane, Washington. Both players have been part of the NBA as well, and Stockton has become one of the most famous and well-known players in the West Coast. Stockton is an avid supporter and frequently stops by the games at pickup to show support for his team.


John Stockton, who is at his mid-50s, is a great player of pickup basketball. He runs a warehouse sports facility in Spokane, Washington, and hosts the Sunday Pickup games at the facility. It’s a private event and the players are picked by invitation only. The past has seen Stockton play with Kelly Olyk. Stockton has also played with Kelly Olynyk.


John Stockton is a former NBA player. The two have played together on Sundays at Spokane, Washington, where they have seven full courts and the winner stays on the floor. Olynyk, a versatile point guard has been an All-American and WCC Player-of-the-Year for Gonzaga University. He was selected as the 13th player of the NBA draft, which was taken by the Boston Celtics.


Giannis Antetokounmpo has been the Milwaukee Bucks’ best player for nine consecutive years. He has been a two-time league MVP. He is also the 2021 NBA Finals MVP. He beat Kareem AbdulJabbar’s score record as a franchise in the month of March. He’s the best ever for the franchise both as an individual and as a team.


At the age of 60, John Stockton continues to make a splash on the basketball court. The NBA legend was recently spotted during a pickup game held in Spokane, Washington. Kelly Olynyk invited Stockton to be a part of the game. Stockton was praised for his outstanding shooting skills at the edge.