Keeping Cool: Tips for Serving Refreshing Drinks in Stylish Stemless Wine Glasses


Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or hosting a noisy barbecue, having correct wine glasses is vital. Although many wine sommeliers favor stemmed glasses, there are numerous stemless glasses that can be used in low-key beverages or raucous events.

These modern stemless wine glasses work great for keeping wine cool.

1. Duralex Picardie Tumblers

The tough, hardened glass, sometimes referred to “original French tumblers” is all over Europe in cafes, hotels, and homes. The glasses, which are named in honor of the northern part of France’s Picardie Province, located in northern France they are functional as well as fashionable. They feel wonderful on the fingers.

They’re made from a specially heat-tempered glass that’s two-and-a-half times stronger than ordinary glass. They’re also shatterproof, which is to say that they break down into smaller chunks when exposed to extreme shocks, which makes the glass safer for use and less difficult to clean in the aftermath.

2. Riedel Swirl

Riedel Swirl, a machine-made glass that is crystal clear and toughness that has an attractive design, can be purchased. The glass has a rippled pattern with delicate grooves which allows wine breathe, and also enhances its flavors and aromas.

Its drinking capabilities are remarkable, due to the brand’s BevGuard technology that keeps the drink safe from any hint of metallic taste. Additionally, it comes with a splash-proof lid, making it among the most sought-after stemless glasses to drink outdoors.

3. Riedel O Series

Stemless wine tumblers are trendy addition to glassware and the Riedel O Series is not an any different. They can be easily inserted into the dishwasher and are perfect for serving mixers, soft drinks or water.

These tumblers are great to drink in casual settings such as an sangria or Aperol-spritz. Thanks to the smooth bottom of the tumbler, you won’t spill them accidentally.

4. Riedel O Series Swirl

Riedel’s Swirl Collection comes with a rubbed style with slight grooves that improve swirling. It helps to open and aerate your wine, releasing the entire spectrum of flavor and aromas it has to offer.

These glasses can also preserve the delicate aromas of red wines by avoiding transfers of heat from your hand to the glass’s bowl. It’s simple to pour your wine through the Swirl because of its wavy design.

5. Riedel O Series Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, which is rich in resveratrol, is good for you. Resveratrol, a natural antioxidant and a powerful antioxidant, is associated with less risk of getting cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke.

Even though the advantages from red wines aren’t well understood, drinking just one to two glasses per every week can be a great option to increase your overall health. For the most resveratrol-rich experience, go for a whole-cluster fermented, cold climate pinot noir in the Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

6. The Riedel O Series Pinot Grgio

This type of glass is an ordinary white wine glass that will work well for most varieties of grapes. A wider base will allow more space to swirl your wine without being spilled.

These stemless glasses will pair beautifully with light-bodied wine like German Riesling as well as Italian whites like Fiano. They’ll also work with full-bodied whites such as oaked Chardonnay and White Rioja, as the large bowl can better highlight their aromas and flavors.

7. Riedel O Series Pinot Noir

The Riedel O series stemless glasses make a fashionable contemporary and fashionable choice for those who want a clear glass with a modern look. It is influenced in Vinum series’ classic shapes. Vinum series’ iconic designs and are suitable as a daily drink or simple entertaining.

The O series is highly recommended by sommeliers who wine that are affixed to air and have strong floral notes, specifically Pinot Noir. The gently tapered shape of the wineglass helps to concentrate the scents, and draws them closer to the senses.

8. A Series from Riedel Pinot Grigio

This Riedel O Series Pinot Grgio is a great choice for those who don’t mind drinking wine without stems. It is a great wine for red wines, but also can be enjoyed with white wines.

They’re made from lead-free , crystal and dishwasher safe, making them a great choice for everyday use or in a romantic dinner celebration. They’re also a nice value because of their high-end good quality.