Lair White House offers look back on Kansas State Fair entertainment: Part 5


History of the Kansas State Fair.

Kansas State Fair, the biggest fair in the country and also one of Kansas’ top tourist places, is situated in Lawrence. It is possible to find a vast assortment of activities and entertainment at the fairgrounds located in Lawrence, Kansas. The fairgrounds were first established in 1876. Since then, they have become one of the most renowned agricultural and cultural events across the United States.

Here are a few things to look forward to at the Kansas State Fair

There are many attractions at the Kansas State Fair include: Live music, carnival rides, agricultural exhibitions including duck hunting events, auto races, an art show and a pet show.The The People and Events that made the Kansas State Fair a Famous Event.Many famous people took part in the Kansas State Fair over the times, like Abraham Lincoln and Jay Z. The most significant occasions during Kansas State Fair history were:

Kansas’s first primary election

It’s the Big 12 Championship match between Oklahoma and Kansas

The year that Billy Graham’s preaching at the state fair.

How to join the Kansas State Fair Community.

If you want to be part of to the Kansas State Fair community, you must first register for membership. The cost of membership is inexpensive and gives you every benefit of being part of the fairgrounds crew. How to be a member of the fairgrounds crew is available. be found on their website and through other marketing channels. There is a variety of ways to benefit from your time at the Kansas State Fair. You are able to participate in amusements as well as listen to local musicians. There’s no doubt there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes at the Kansas State Fair!


Kansas State Fair, a popular event held within Kansas each year. The fair is well-known due to the numerous events that it holds, including food and music. Be sure to get involved and be a part of the fair. Joining local associations and engaging in exciting activities, you’ll be able to be sure to have the best time attending this important event.