One person dead after accident at Hamilton home


The devastating news about Zachary Potts (27), and the other three victims of a car accident in the last month, have deeply stunned us. Our condolences go out to their loved ones through this period of grief. According to policereports, the vehicle Potts was driving struck an approaching car that killed all four of the people in the. The airbag control module data indicated that the SUV was moving at 77mph when it collided with the car that was coming towards it. We are sorry for the loss of lives and extend our deepest condolences for all the victims. We would like to urge everyone to drive safe and remain aware of your surroundings all the time.

1. What exactly was the root of the fatal crash in the vehicle that killed Walorski and three others?

The death of three people, including Walorski has brought great sadness. The exact cause behind the SUV accident remains being investigated, however it is believed that Walorski was unable to control the vehicle which caused it to roll into the trunk of a tree. This tragedy remains unanswered and the local community is grappling to bear the loss.

2. What was the speed of the vehicle when it was involved in the collision?

The SUV was traveling with a high speed when it crashed into the home. The high speed at which the SUV was traveling is thought to be a contributing factor in how serious the crash.

3. Was it an emergency call?

A death occurred as the result of an emergency message regarding an incident that took place in Hamilton’s house. It isn’t clear what transpired, there seems to be an incident that caused one death. The others who were involved have been questioned by authorities and an investigation is in progress.

Quick Summary

This has been a difficult week for our community. We are in sympathy with grieving families. We hope that the investigation by the police into this incident will yield some clarity for the families involved. In the meantime we all need to be aware of our surroundings and remain alert in order to keep another tragedy from taking place.