Qatar Indian Authors Forum: A Great Way to Connect with the Publishing World


Qatar Indian Authors Forum: Auning, Dhaval and Rahuls Platform for Cultural Exchange.The Qatar Indian Authors Forum (QIAF) is a platform for exchange of culture between Qatar and India. It was created in honor of Qatari author Dhaval Auning as well as Indian author Rahuls Manna. Its goal is to encourage friendship and understanding between the two countries by an emphasis on artistic and cultural.

What does the Qatar Indian Authors Forum do?

As a forum for sharing ideas, insight, knowledge, and experiences in India and Qatar The Qatar Indian Authors Forum exists. This forum also gives possibilities for collaboration and networking with writers from both countries. It allows writers from both India and Qatar to exchange ideas about their opinions, perspectives, thoughts, and experience with one another. Joining the QIAF allows you to make new connections with other writers from both countries.

The Indians of Qatar Authors Forum How is it that you are most looking forward to?

The Qatar Indian Authors Forum will concentrate on the current and future questions in Indian culture and literature. This conference will also offer numerous workshops as well as presentations by some of the most renowned Indian authors.

What will the conference’s theme be? specifically focused?

It is expected that the conference will include topics like modern Indian writing, the literary movements in India as well as issues relating to the relationship among India and Qatar.

What speakers are scheduled to address the audience?

Some of the most prominent Indian writers, including Auning, Dhaval and Rahuls are scheduled to address the forum.

Participate in Qatar Indian Authors Forum. Qatar Indian Authors Forum

Qatar Indian Authors Forum is an online platform for writing exchanges and connects authors across Qatar. For more information, visit the site and complete the required questionnaires. QIAF organizes meetups as well as gatherings. The public is invited to submit your work that you would like that you would like to review. We’d love to hear from you and exchange ideas with otherwriters in the Qatar region!

How do you be sure that you’re being heard?

It is essential to take part in the discussion and debates that take place at QIAF. To be able to participate you should be a part of events, and to participate in online forums where we are able to discuss our work, share stories about our experiences as writers or address any concerns related to writing or the culture of general.


Qatar Indian Authors Forum offers an opportunity for you to meet like-minded individuals and get to know more about the culture of Qatar. This conference covers diverse topics which include writing, arts foods, etc. Be part of the conversation and ensure that your voice is heard