Rockies take down Dodgers in final matchup of the season


This story is about the ways that starting pitchers can help your team win more games.

This was the reason for Rockies the victory.

The 2018 Rockies performed well offensively, leading in the NL by a whopping OPS (.871). The Dodgers did not manage to make any run against their team, so they had to make sure their defense was good in order to prevail. They were successful of doing that, as they finished their season with a batting average of .266. Their starting pitcher wasn’t the best, and they didn’t have enough innings for winning.

The Rockies have been successful.

The Rockies offense performed well winning 5-2 against the Dodgers.Leadoff hitter Anthony Rizzo led off the game with a home run and batting champion Nolan Arenado followed suit with a two-run homer during the fourth. The Rockies bullpen allowed just one run in their six innings. It was impressive given that they needed to work extremely hard to keep their opponents from scoring. Dodgers of scoring.The Rockies defense was also impressive in this match. Tyler Chatwood, the starting pitcher, gave up just two hits and two runs in an innings of six. Troy Tulowitzki was a great left fielder who was able to make several impressive catchdown the stretch. The Rockies performed well and proved that they’re able to play any game, and can win any matchup.

The Rockies performed well as defenders

The Dodgers did not score a run until late in the contest due to Clayton Kershaw’s strong pitching performance. In the end, playing excellent defense throughout, the Rockies had the ability to reduce Kershaw’s physical damage and end up with a 5-2 win. As the defensive catcher back-up Jorge Alfaro, Troy Tulowitzki (starting shortstop) played well in center and second bases. The manager Mike Scioscia used nearly all of his players during the majority of the game, with only one exception Chatwood. The result was to build a formidable defensive unit.

Excellent bullpen within the Rockies

The coach for rotations Jeff Banister used several pitchers in relief throughout the game and they all pitched efficiently. Chatwood was relieved by lefty reliever Jarad Eickhoff after he allowed three hits and two runs over four hours. Righty relief pitcher Alex Wood took the loss of Tulowitzki. The pitcher gave up three runs and three hits over the course of two innings. Righty reliever Will Smith replaced Alfaro when He allowed one hit and two hits in one innings. The bullpen held the Dodgers off for the duration of the game.

Rockies were played with passion

rotations coach Jeff Banister used an intense approach to managing the game. His focus was on getting players in the right position for pitching. This resulted in an intense game that helped the Rockies win 5-2. Starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood was particularly aggressive in his approach, only allowing two walks over the course of six innings while striking out 11 batters.

What the Dodgers did well.

The Dodgers performed with plenty of intensity in their previous start. They held the Dodgers to one run in eight innings. Their bullpen was also very good, holding the Dodgers to a scoreless 7 innings. This allowed them to go into the win with a 5-2 score.

A solid bullpen from the Dodgers

Dodgers’ bullpen performed exceptionally excellently, keeping their offense to two hits during seven innings. It allowed them to take the win the game 5-2.

The Dodgers were very active and played with lots of intensity

They showed a lot of energy all game, for example, they struck out nine times in the seventh inning to record the first such streak in Dodger history. It helped them to win by 5-2.


The team’s victory was mostly because of the Dodgers their offensive play. However it was the Rockies defense was also a big factor in the win. They had an extremely robust bullpen that performed with a lot of intensity. Overall, the Dodgers enjoyed a great season, but they could have been better in the event that they were able to start the pitcher Clayton Kershaw or if they could have had better defensive skills.