The Illinois economy is slowly improving, but more needs to be done to create jobs.


Illinois sees job growth in August.

The state was able to see an increase in job opportunities in the form of 4,100 job openings. This is a significant rise over the 1,800 positions in July as well as increases the state’s overall employment increase rate up to 8.4% from January. The greatest number of jobs included industry of construction and manufacturing. According to the Illinois Department of Employment Services also stated that the most recent hires took place in the construction and manufacturing sectors (up by 2%) as well as marketing (up 7 percent) along with transportation (up 5 percent).

What is The Illinois Economy.

Illinois has seen a surge in economic activity. The past 12 months there has been the creation of more jobs including 4,100 additional positions. It is an indication that the Illinois economy is growing , and thatemplifies the success of efforts of Governor Bruce Rauner and his administration to create new jobs and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Illinois has experienced an increase in employment

The strong job growth has been evident in the job market of Illinois. The number of jobs available in Illinois increased more than that of any other month until July 2014. The increase in employment can be explained by a range of factors, including 1.) an increase in demand for goods and services offered by companies throughout the state.) the increased investments made by companies and entrepreneurs in Illinois.

Illinois August Employment Growth

The Illinois economy saw 4,100 jobs increases during August. This indicates of continued growth in the economy. The increase in jobs can be attributed to the increase in business activity and wages. Illinois is also seeing the growth of people who are looking for jobs. It is a sign that Illinois is still experiencing strong employment opportunities.In August, the Illinois economy experienced a growth of 2,700 jobs. It indicates that the state is seeing continued growth of its economy. This increase in employment result from increased employment and wage growth. Illinois is also experiencing increasing numbers of people searching for employment. It’s a sign that the state remains a strong place to work with job opportunities.


The August report on Illinois employment growth revealed a remarkable 2.2 percent increase in unemployment. Also, there was an astounding increase in the State economic growth. This shows that the Illinois Economy is growing and it is possible to find work opportunities within the state.