Shreyas Talpade explains why he disagrees with celebrities who are quick to boycott trends.


Shreyas is an artist working as an individual born in Mumbai, India. His art speaks to the heart. The most recent work, “Towelgate”, is the result of a series of sculptures featuring stars reacting to the boycott of Israel. The sculptures were recently displayed at Mumbai’s prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum.Talpade is responding to the protests , creating numerous new works of art featuring celebrities who are reacting positively to Trendy clothes. The sculptures can be seen on the internet on

Celebrities React to Boycott of Trendy Clothing

Many celebrities have endorsed the ban of clothing that is trendy. The celebrities who earn a living from selling clothing companies and promote their products are among the loudest critics of fashion. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna as well as Taylor Swift have all spoken about their support for the issue. Even celebrities have created their own line of clothing that is made from sustainable materials.

Celebrities have their opinions on the boycott

Famous people who are paid to endorse or promote fashion brands have the highest level of vocal support about their displeasure. Beyonce and Taylor Swift are just a couple that have voiced their opinions in the support of. Some stars have started to produce their own lines made of eco-friendly clothing. Beyonce has stated that she is “appalled” over the ways “the fashionable fashion industry unfairly slamming women of all ages.” West has demanded an outright boycott of all luxury brands because they’re “selling their products” to large business interests. Rihanna said that she’s boycotting all luxury brands that don’t pay decent salaries for their workers. In addition, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to discuss her views about the issue: “So what do I wear when I’m not living in a Kardashian house?”

Celebrities React to the Boycott

Many celebrities are supporting the ban on trendy clothing. Famous faces like Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Lovato have come out to support the cause. Rihanna declared that she doesn’t wish to be associated with “bad” clothing, Ashton Kutcher said that he does not want his son wearing inappropriate clothes while Demi Lovato declared she will not be buying from brands that do not stand in the name of social justice.Some celebrities have endorsed the boycott however, they also believe that they have no alternative to the issue. Gwyneth Paltrow Emma Roberts and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the celebrities that have spoken out against the fashion industry’s failure to take responsibility for society. They think that by avoiding popular clothing brands, they can help bring awareness to issues like social injustice and poverty.

Ideas for Effectively Responding in a Positive Way Boycott.

If you’re considering a boycott of fashionable clothing companies you must have an investment plan that is long-term in place. Diversifying your investment portfolio will guarantee that you spend your money carefully and that you don’t lose any revenue opportunities.

Diversify your Investments

Another key factor to consider when avoiding these brands is that they might be challenging or impossible to find replacements in the event that their merchandise is pulled off the market. This may be not a good idea to purchase garments from these manufacturers in the event that you suffer from the disease of multiple sclerosis, or suffer from various medical problems.

Stay informed with Financial News

Keeping up with financial news could be challenging, but it’s important to do so in order to be aware of what’s going on in the realm of fashion and apparel. This will allow you to make informed decisions on whether to boycott these businesses.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of volatility

In the event of any developments in the fashion industry – that is, positive or negative it could mean that the investment you make in these types of fashion will probably suffer due to the changes. Make sure you are prepared for fluctuations by stocking up on financial resources and monitoring economic indicators so that you can take informed decisions on whether or not you should boycott these brands again.


The boycott of fashionable clothing causes celebrities to come out. Certain celebrities are in support of it, while others worry about the future of the fashion industry. There are a few tips on how to react successfully to the protest. A long-term strategy for investing, diversifying your investments and being prepared for volatility are key factors in the successful reaction.