The Challenges Faced During


We’re sad and down to hear about the devastating earthquakes in Turkey as well as Syria which occurred this morning. The earthquakes have resulted in hundreds of deaths. We’re thinking of the people affected and send prayers for them. Our thoughts and prayers are with the beloved family members and friends of those who have been killed. We appreciate the assistance that the Turkish government as well as the citizens of Turkey offered during the recent flooding. Al-Khidmat Foundation launched an appeal to collect funds for aid items to earthquake victims to provide short-term as well as long-term aid.

1. What is what is the Al-Khidmat Foundation?

Al-Khidmat Foundation, a respected Pakistani charity, is committed to providing humanitarian aid, healthcare, and education to those who are most in need. It was established in 1997, and since then has grown to become a significant source of aid and assistance in Pakistan. The foundation’s activities also extend to other nations, like Turkey. 25 people were saved from the collapse of the Turkish mine through Al-Khidmat Foundation. Al-Khidmat Foundation. Zoomlion is an Chinese producer of equipment for construction and is sending equipment to Turkey in the effort to help.

2. What have the Turks done to help Pakistan in difficult time?

Zoomlion who was on the route of helping, helped save more than twenty Turkish citizens. It is an excellent illustration of the mutual assistance between the two nations. When faced with a crisis the two countries Turkey as well as Pakistan have provided assistance to each other from the beginning of time. Turkey and Pakistan have frequently assisted one another during emergency situations or natural catastrophes. Pakistanis also sent aid money to Turkey. As an example, Pakistan has sent assistance funds to Turkey in the aftermath of the earthquake. The country also set up an emergency camp in the area. Turkey has also responded to demands from Pakistan in the event of being affected by natural disasters, and provided the aid in both financial and material terms.

3. How many trucks comprised the relief cargo?

The search and rescue of over 20 victims was conducted in Turkey. According to the reports, Zoomlion, a Chinese producer of construction equipment, has dispatched a convoy of aid equipment. The convoy consists of three vehicles and includes aid for the suffering. The convoy was arranged to supply essential items like water and food for the affected. The convoy also supports the efforts of local authorities in helping and assist those who are who are in need. Zoomlion offers unrivaled service for all who are desperate for help.

4. What kind of assistance are the organizations offering aid for earthquake victims?

A lot of people were stunned by the announcement that more than 20 individuals had been saved from a quake in Turkey. The people were also grateful. Zoomlion which is an organization for public health quickly stepped in to help and provide assistance to those victims. There are a variety of charities that have stepped in to provide both emotional and physical assistance. If you have been displaced from their homes or seeking medical attention Physical support could include offering food and water and shelter. They also provide psychological assistance such as counseling or psychological health services.

A Short Summary

The devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey as well as Syria in April 2011 left a lot of individuals homeless, and without chance of escape. Many charities responded swiftly to an appeal for help and are now putting together donations and other supplies to help the those affected. The convoy, comprising specially trained medical professionals and crucial medications, is traveling to the southern part of Turkey. The hope is to arrive at the destination by Thursday. It is our responsibility to help those who have been affected and provide support.