The hope and resilience of young adults diagnosed with cancer.


Cancer is a time bomb.

As with many severe diseases can be caused by an abnormal cell division. It can occur in any body part, but is most common in the skin and bones. In some cases, cancer can spread to other parts of the body.

How does cancer develop

It develops after an abnormal division of cells occurs within the skin or bone. Smoking, sun exposure and other factors can cause division.

What can you do to avoid cancer

Cancer prevention can be prevented with a myriad of methods.

-Avoid sun exposure

Good eating habits are vital to a healthy lifestyle.

– Get sufficient exercise

The smoking cessation program should be based on avoiding tobacco smoke.

Cancer is the leading cause of death.

People who are older are more likely to contract cancer. Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer may be afflicted by a number of signs. The most common symptoms of cancer are:-Gastrointestinal cancer: This is the most common type of cancer, and can cause pain in the stomach area. You may experience nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in addition to weight loss. The disease can result in difficulty speaking or swallowing as well asListen to this instructional video on how to spot laryngeal cancer. Cancer: Breast Cancer is the second most frequent form of cancer, and can become fatal if untreated. A change in the shape of your breast and size could indicate a problem. Cancers of the breast in early stages (that aren’t dangerous yet) could also result in a lump on your chest.

Cancer is one of the major issues.

Cancer is a serious disease that may cause death. It is caused by growth of abnormal cells in the body. A cancerous cell may develop from cells that were originally created or be created due to tumors that are present in other areas of the body. There are several types of cancer, each with unique symptoms and therapies.

Can you avoid cancer?

The causes of cancer depend on how the cancer started – for example, whether it’s caused by the effects of radiation, virus or chemical treatment, or even surgery. Certain types of cancers are more frequent than others, and some people don’t have any symptoms for a while until they’ve cancerous cells in their body.

What can be done in order to reduce the risk of cancer

There are several ways to prevent cancer – certain people need to use caution when engaging in risky activities like drinking or smoking cigarettes while others are taking steps that limit exposure to harmful chemicals and Radiation; and still others rely upon regular screenings to check for the ovarian and breast cancers (check in with your health care doctor for further details).


The disease of cancer is serious which can cause death in a short time. Although there are many methods to be able to avoid getting cancer, it is important that you do everything to safeguard yourself. It is possible to protect your family members from the devastating disease through understanding the root causes and understanding how you can treat it.