Welcome to the exciting world of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class!


The new Sports Tourer from Mercedes-Benz is equipped for the little as well as big challenges of daily life thanks to its sporty dimensions an incredibly versatile interior, the latest drive technologies and the latest generation of MBUX. Through their seamless integration into the small greenhouse they provide the B-Class with an exciting look that’s robust and advancing.

There is the option of ordering additional rims for your new B-Class available in sizes up to in inches. The options include the high-gloss black-painted light-alloy rims with multi-spoke designs and a high-gloss ******wheel designed for AMG Line. The view from the rear conveys strength and dynamism. LED technology is available on the two-part new rear lights. They further enhance the feeling of width. They are supported by the aero spoilers that attach to the sides of the window in the rear, to improve aerodynamics. The latest B-Class is available in 10 distinct metallic/solid or specialty paint designs.

The New B-Class features a roomy as well as practical interior. The base model comes with two-screen LCD displays, an instrument cluster measuring -inches as well as a.-inch headunit. When you choose the model with two .-inch screens, a large-screen look is created through which elements appear to hover. Three round, turbine-like air vents, which is a signature from Mercedes-Benz is a nod to the aviation world. The newly designed center console communicates its high-tech ambitions of the new B-Class thanks to the Black Panel look, while the steering wheel made from the latest steering wheel generation is equipped with various features for controlling.

The first time AMG will be the only model available for sale. AMG variant also offers the new steering wheel that has been designed to choose from. You are able to personalize your interior by choosing a variety of colours and materials. The basic version features the most comfy and luxuriously upgraded seats with the three-dimensionally stamped ARTICO ARTICO cover. Mercedes is the only “Progressive” variant of the product is available in black, black/macchiato, and a brand new black/sage gray. The case is also equipped with seats made of leather that are manufactured from black, bahia and macchiato.

This element features a star-shaped patternthat creates an impressive highlight to the interior. The AMG Line, the most sporty version of B-Class’s new version The interior features black with a red contrast topstitching. In its Ambition , Mercedes-Benz has set itself the target of having the first CO-neutral new fleet of automobiles and vans all across the lifecycle of the value chain. The goal is to at least halve CO emissions for each passenger vehicle on the new vehicle fleet across the whole lifecycle in comparison to when it is due to be finished of the decade.

When the B-Class was developed, B-Class the variety of the materials utilized was reexamined. In addition, there were other options for sustainable solutions. The comfort seats feature fabric in the middle section made of 100% recycled materials. The percentage of recycled material is percent on the seat’s surface and percent under the ARTICO/MICROCUT material. Significantly upgraded equipment: Mercedes-Benz has once again made the logic of the different equipment options more clear in order to simplify the time-consuming selection of many distinct options.

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Mercedes Benz’s plan to develop a CO zero-carbon fleet an exciting and important one. Mercedes Benz has established an unbeatable standard, and has a strong commitment to reaching the goal. With its new lineup of vehicles, it strives to cut down on emissions , and have an impact on the natural environment.