The best foreign policy podcasts to keep you entertained


You might enjoy political podcasts but struggle to understand long and dull articles. They run for about one hour and are packed with more details. The shows cover fascinating topics, like the debates between Stanford professor Marshall Burke and William Courtney. The shows cover topics like Russia’s international relationships and those of the Soviet Union.

The Correspondent of Our Own

The BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent Foreign Policy Podcast is a fantastic source of current information about global events. This series of 25-minutes features BBC foreign correspondents that report on particular stories as well as travel to locations that are not always reported in the news. Podcasts include links to other sources and excellent descriptions of the news.

Another fantastic podcast for global policy and foreign affairs is Pod Save the World. It’s an affiliate of the Crooked Media podcast network that features progressive news and podcasts. The hosts, John Favreau and Tommy Vietor talk about current and historical international issues. They also speak with Washington political insiders as well as policymakers regarding how things are going abroad.

Global Dispatches

If you’re a fan of the latest international affairs shows, you’ll be delighted by Global Dispatches. The show offers in-depth discussions with prominent journalists, scholars and political leaders to discuss global issues. The focus of the show is on China-US relations, climate change and humanitarian relief. Goldberg picks his guests wisely and gives a sharp and insightful assessment.

This podcast should be listened to if interested in East Asian Affairs. It is hosted by a former U.S. ambassador to China this show focuses on the world events of the moment that affect those in the United States. This show has been rated 5-stars by listeners on Spotify and often posts live occasions.

Planet Money

Listeners who are attracted to global issues as well as political issues in the world will be interested in the Planet Money Foreign Policy Podcast. The show features guests from a variety of disciplines, such as journalists and policymakers. Some of the past guests have included Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister), Helen Clark (New Zealand’s Premier) and Mary Robinson (ex-President of Ireland). Interviews with business and social entrepreneurs also appear in the podcast. Shows are focused on news, current events and under-reported issues.

This program, hosted by NPR, is an essential listening experience if you’re in the market for new economic developments and economic policies. Each episode is about 30 minutes and covers a variety of the most pressing financial and economic issues.

The Pod Save the World

Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes as co-hosts of Pod Save the World have many years of experience and knowledge about international and national affairs. In their weekly podcast they break down global news and the latest developments in foreign policy. Ben Rhodes, a former vice-national security advisor provides listeners with a peek behind the scenes at the big decisions which affect the world. Additionally, he tells humorous stories and anecdotes that he learned from his work working in the Situation Room.