What other states are doing to support their sportspersons


How Punjab Sportspersons are Receiving an annual stipend to support their sports Participation.Punjab Sporting people are receiving the equivalent of a monthly stipend in exchange for their sports participation. Calculating the stipend involves multiplying the number of registered points (Rpts) with Rs. 8,000 per month. The monthly stipend is $8,000 and is payable based on the Rpts gained in any given month. Saves on costs for travel If an athlete registered for points and earned them in the course of a particular month then they’ll be able to receive a monthly stipend based on the number of points they have earned for this month. That means even if they do not take an event for competition or training within the month, they will still be eligible for a monthly stipend from the sportsperson’s federation.2. Opportunities to explore new experiences and experiences: The monthly stipend for participants in sports gives them to take part in new activities and cultures as well as explore their country and city more fully.3. Stability of finances: A monthly stipend gives financial security to athletes, allowing them to continue taking part in sport at the cost of a reasonable price. Additionally, it gives them the opportunity to expand and develop inside the Federation.

Good physical health is essential

If you are not able to meet the requirements for receiving a monthly stipend, you may still be eligible for an award of Rs 100 per month.Tips for Receiving a Monthly Stipend for Sports Participation.Physical conditioning is an important part of any sport. Keep your body fit through exercise and studying self-defense. This will help you build relationships with people and make more social connections, which can lead to future sport participation.Subsection 3.2 Be a responsible member of your local community.As a responsible member of your community, you should also take an active role in participating in local organizations like synagogues or churches, helping out during events or making donations to charity.

Join your community

The sports clubs and teams are great ways to get involved with your local community and to make new acquaintances. If you are interested, join an organization or team that includes representatives from your neighborhood and be involved in the sports you’re passionate about. This can help you create lasting bonds and give back to the community.


An stipend for each month can help you get involved in the local community and is fun to be able to spend an enjoyable time. You must fulfill certain conditions prior to receiving the money. The primary prerequisite is that you’ve played at least one sport over the course of the past twelve months. Also, ensure that you’re in control and taking care of your health by engaging within your community. Also, think about joining a sports club or team to increase chances of winning amount of money.