A Closer Look at the Surprising Plot Twists of Yellowjackets Season 2


The moment that Yellowjackets was introduced to Showtime in 2021, it quickly became one of the most watched and critically-acclaimed series on TV. This psychological horror series and coming-of age drama followed the story of an New Jersey high-school soccer team which is caught in a forest that has no explanation on their way to winning the national title.

1. Lottie is the Antler Queen

Lottie Matthews, Courtney Eaton), started off timidly but soon began to gain attention. The actress began having visions that she found to be both terrifying and exact as her mental health began to decline.

In fact, she even was able to convince a wild bear sacrifice itself in exchange for food. It was both an unexpected and terrifying turn of events. It’s unclear if these are a consequence of her own mental state or some other unconscious force is unclear, but by the conclusion of season one she was an unofficial commander of the survivors.

In the second season in season 2, she appears to have stepped up her influence even greater, with a majority of the other survivors bending their knees before her to seek direction and assistance. This could mean anything, but this makes for an intriguing story.

2. Jackie is a time-traveler

The Yellowjackets followers have been shouting that Jackie (Ella Purnell) has a connection to time travel. This theory is based on the scene that opens the premiere, in which one of the girls is racing through the wilderness to become dinner for starving Yellowjackets.

The creators and executive producers Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson confirm that Jackie is not a time traveler.

The death of Jackie was due to the snow that fell in the beginning of winter, and the show featured the dream sequence during which Jackie is returned to her cabin. When she is involved in an dispute with Shauna Lynskey (Melanie Lynskey) She freezes until her death.

3. Adam is Javi

Every week, Yellowjackets offers a thrilling experience that ranges of eldritch terror to teenage scene drama to adult survivors trying to overcome their trauma.

Although the series is more supernaturally-based than realistic, Shauna’s friends aren’t without mystery. Similar to Taissa’s faceless adult looking into the mirror, or Leotie’s French haunted seance, there’s just something eerie about it all.

Fans have speculated that Shauna’s lover Adam (Peter Gadiot) may be Javi Martinez, Coach Martinez’s younger son, who was in the wilderness along with Shauna and her friends out in the wilderness. It’s also the most popular theory that have been put forward so to date, since there’s many clues that this could be true.

4. Misty is one of the serial killers

Misty was a high school equipment manager who often faced bullying and resentful by her fellow students. In the aftermath of the plane crash her first aid abilities were essential to those who survived and she saved the life of Ben Scott by cutting off his damaged leg.

They were able to survive because of her knowledge and skills. When two survivors declared that they were grateful for her assistance, she deactivated the emergency locator transmitter within the plane, making it more difficult for rescuers.

Misty will attempt to kill Jessica Roberts during the season through injecting fentanyl into her cigarettes. In addition, the show suggests the possibility that Misty might have murdered a number of victims. Season 2 is expected to be an exciting one for the fans. These are fan theories circulated on the internet throughout the years.

5. Shauna is the owner of a house.

In spite of Shauna’s unwillingness to discuss it, the fact that she’s haunted by Jackie makes her one of the greatest theories of this season. Based on the traumatic experiences that she’s endured, it makes sense for her to be haunted by her dead teammate.

The only thing that can be done is to answer the question of the reason Jackie was not killed by wolves in 2021. While sleeping in the blizzard she stopped breathing and passed out.