Armenia and Azerbaijan’s long history of conflict


We are sad to say that it is with great sadness that we announce that in the early morning, 50 of our soldiers have suffered fatal injuries in the most brutal conflict with Azerbaijan during their war started two years ago. We are happy to announce that Russia has persuaded the long-standing competitors to come to the immediate end of the ceasefire. The conflict was among the deadliest since the end of the 20th century war between ex-Soviet republics over Nagorno Kharabakh, a disputed region that left more than 6500 dead on both sides. The report from Interfax, Nikol Pashinyan stated in his Parliamentary debate that Azerbaijaini troops attacked approximately fifty percent of the areas. We extend our sympathy to the loved ones who suffered fatal injuries in these incidents of murder.

1. What is the reason Azerbaijan and Russia came to an arrangement?

It is important to understand the significance of recent reports coming from Armenia. To do this the first step is to comprehend the background of the region and the tensions that exist between the two countries. Azerbaijan as well as Armenia are two countries with a lengthy history of conflict. Both countries lie in the Caucus that has been a location of conflict throughout the centuries. There are many different ethnic groups in the Caucus region including Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Russians and Turks. The conflict that exists between Azerbaijan and Armenia is dated to the beginning of 1900, when Azerbaijan and Armenia were both an integral part of the Russian Empire. Both nations gained independence upon their independence following the Russian Revolution in 1917.

2. How many deaths did we see from 2020 Nagorno Karabah war?

The latest news from Armenia says 49 soldiers killed in attacks by Azerbaijan. The number of casualties is staggering in light of the fact the fact that the conflict between Nagorno–Karabakh in 2020 lasted only 44 days. There were approximately 6,000 victims for both sides. About 6,000 people were killed from both sides with the bulk of which were Armenian soldiers. It is an incredibly devastating loss for Armenia as well, and it’s likely that the country has a difficult time recovering from this.

Quick Summary

The war that has erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan represents the bloodiest violence since their cease-fire of 1994 and is an important escalation of the conflict. It is also threatening to draw other regional powers, with Turkey and Russia assisting Azerbaijan as well as Russia concluding a defense deal with Armenia. It was reported that the United States called for an immediate end to the violence and demanded that all parties start negotiations.