How Gorbachev’s death could mark a new chapter for Russia


On the weekend mourners paid tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader. He died at the tender age of 90. Gorbachev is responsible for initiating radical reforms which helped to end the Cold War, and which resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is interesting that the fact that Gorbachev’s significant contributions to Russian historical events was not recognized by the Russian president Vladimir Putin at the farewell ceremony. It raises questions regarding the current relationship between Russia and the West. Gorbachev will be buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow, with his wife Raisa.

1. What did Mikhail Gorbachev do to help his country? What did he do to help Cold War end?

Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms helped end the Cold War by weakening the Soviet Union’s hold on its satellite states, which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union itself. Gorbachev’s reforms also increased transparency and public accountability within the Soviet Union that made it more difficult for the Soviet government to hide its abuses from its own people and to the outside world.

2. What was the significance of breaking up the Soviet Union?

The breakup in the Soviet Union was a significant moment in the history of mankind. The Soviet Union was a major superpower and its collapse led to a significant shift in the balance of power in the world. Additionally, the fall of the Soviet Union had major effects on both the economic and political systems of the globe.

3. How did Gorbachev’s death Tuesday have an effect on Russia?

Gorbachev’s death on Tuesday was a significant incident for Russia in two ways, namely who Gorbachev was and what he represented. Gorbachev was the most senior leader in the Soviet Union, and he led its breakup in 1991. The end of Cold War was marked by this eventthat ushered into a new era in Russian history. Gorbachev’s demise signifies Russia has entered a new time. There are many Russians find themselves nostalgic about their past in Soviet times. Soviet Union. The decision of Putin to not attend Gorbachev’s funeral therefore is seen as a sign that he is not a fan of this sentiment and is more focussed on the future of Russia.

4. What is the Novodevichy cemetery?

The Novodevichy Cemetery is a historical cemetery located within Moscow, Russia. It’s situated in the southwest of the city. It’s far from Moscow River. Moscow River. The cemetery is best known as the place of burial of some of the most famous and prominent people from Russian time, such as authors, artists, as well as political figures. In 1812 the Napoleonic Wars saw the establishment of Novodevichy. Moscow was at the time under threat from French Army invasion, so the Novodevichy cemetery was built to serve as a defense with tall walls, a moat and strong walls.

Quick Summary

It’s obvious it is clear that Russian Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. Vladimir Putin has decided to avoid the funeral for the former Soviet chief because of worries over the legacy he left behind. This is a sign of the present tensions between the two countries.