How the Chiefs Can Best Replace Willie Gay Jr: A Blueprint for Success


If the Chiefs intend to have a successful season this year, the running back position needs to be re-jiggered. Although Tyson Gay may be the best option, the Chiefs need to think about Darius Harris and Elijah Lee. These young athletes are both adept and are able to play covering and running roles. In order to replace Gay there is a good chance that the Chiefs are going to have to utilize the patchwork system.

Darius Harris

Darius Harris is entering his third season with the Chiefs. Harris was released as an undrafted agent prior to the 2019 draft The Chiefs have been impressed with the versatility of his game. Harris is highly sought-after throughout the NCAA and has the ability to play in all three positions of linebacker. Brett Veach praised Harris’ flexibility, and said that Harris can be used in any four-three scheme.

The Chiefs must figure out how they can replace Willie Gay Jr. While the Chiefs are keen to allow young players the opportunity to show his worth and make a name for himself, they should take care not to take too long. While it is not a 100% certainty, Kansas City’s defense and offense are able to reach the playoffs with or without Gay.

Elijah Lee

Although Elijah Lee is the obvious option to take over for Gay The Chiefs are also considering other possibilities that may also play a role. Darius Harris, who has the same athleticism and intelligence as Gay, is an alternative. Both can play the running game as well as protect. There is a chance that the Chiefs may employ an approach of patchwork to replace Gay. It could turn out to be the most suitable option for Gay.

The Chiefs will be relying the likes of Bolton, Chenal, Harris, Lee, and rookie Jack Cochrane to handle the defensive line. Gay lead the Chiefs with 11 tackles and two passes defensed, but the Chiefs will not play him for four weeks because of a personal conduct law violation. Gay was arrested in January. Lee Gay, who wasn’t recruited, was reactivated following the incident. McDuffie However, he was selected to replace Jaylen Watson. Jaylen had two special team tackles as well as the winning touchdown thanks to a 99-yard catch return.

Anthony Hitchens

Hitchens worked in Kansas City for the past two seasons, recording his average to be 82 total tackles and five lost tackles. His production has been declining over the last two seasons , which has led to less impact actions. The team could replace him with an experienced player next month or even a draft late-round selection. They could also add Nick Niemann and Dorian O’Daniel.

The Chiefs have a strong defensive line is vastly improved over what the team was in the previous season with out Gay. The Kansas City defensive line last season was inconsistent and under-matched and was lacking a significant contributing. The Chiefs defense features three crucial players that were added during the offseason to help deal with Gay’s absence.