Why the Dodgers decided to leave Kenley Jansen as their sole closer in the NLDS against the Padres


Due to their position in the rankings The Dodgers faced a difficult schedule. The team was therefore excluded from the NLDS team. They are hopeful of making the playoffs but must play more games to qualify.

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Kimbrel was struck out by the Dodgers of the NLDS team match-up with the Padres because they did not have an left-handed reliever.

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The Dodgers faced a difficult schedule, and they did not have an experienced starter. They were forced to make use of Hyun Jin Ryu, their starter in their NLDS match against the Padres. Ryu was able to only pitch three innings against the Padres and was not happy with the treatment he received. Due to this, Ryu was not included in the Dodgers weren’t included on the NLDS roster. They’ll have find an alternative. They believe that lefties are more challenging to hit against and think a left-handed relief pitcher could be an ideal option for a team that is right-handed when required. Kimbrel is an righty reliever of the Padres and the Padres, is employed as an lefty relief pitcher for the team.

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The 2nd of December on the 2nd of December, the Dodgers declared that relief pitchers with left hands Kimbrel will not be included listed on the roster for the NLDS game against the Padres. Dodgers decided not to include Kimbrel on their rosters for the NLDS against the Padres. The situation is different from the NLDS against the Red Sox where Kimbrel was an integral part of the pitching lineup and utilized as a reliever pitcher. For one, right-handed relief pitchers are more expensive than left-handed pitchers. They are, for one, more costly than relief pitchers with right hands. Additionally, they tend to have more control of their pitches. This can make lefties better suited as closers or starters. As part of a trade in December that took place, the Dodgers purchased Kimbrel from the Padres. Kimbrel was an 3.12 ERA (and 1.09 WHIP) over 19 innings with the Dodgers in the 2015 season. Additionally, he made 17 appearances. As per MLB.com Kimbrel (the Dodgers’ left-handed reliever) isn’t as a player on the roster for the NLDS against the Padres. Kimbrel is a lefty reliever for the Dodgers and the Padres are a right-handed team. Wade Davis is the Dodgers’ left-handed reliever. Ken Rosenthal, a Miami Herald journalist , had this to sayabout the situation “It is not difficult to see the reasons why they would hesitate to put Wade Davis in a game which could decide their fate. Wade Davis has not pitched in a major league game. The Dodgers team has one left-handed relief pitcher and the Padres have a right-handed pitching team. Adrian Gonzalez is the lefty who has eased certain burdens on the Padres’ workloads the season. Tonight will be the NLDS will see the Padres and Dodgers take on each other. The MLB has released their rosters, and Kimbrel is not on the roster. Kimbrel will play with Los Angeles in the NLDS. The Padres might place Kimbrel on the roster in the event of a need. The report has been confirmed by A.J. Preller in the game on Tuesday with the Dodgers.


The schedule this year was tough for the Dodgers as they weren’t on the NLDS team. Kimbrel is a left-handed reliever with the Padres as well as a team which is right-handed, cannot be thought to be a player.