The Benefits of Healthy Home Cooking: Making the Most of Your Kitchen


The process of cooking on a weekend afternoon or evening gives me immense joy, especially when with the carefully selected melodies of my Spotify playlist. It’s the experience, no matter what I’m cooking (which is often a great deal of cheese), is the most important thing. It gives you the opportunity to think about the question of whether the journey or destination is greater importance.

Food is delicious, and is often fulfilling, cooking is mostly about the experience rather than what it produces. There are times when lengthy hours of work can result in a boring meal that’s quickly put away. Cooking has become known to be a soothing experience for many, where it serves as an art therapy to reduce symptoms that are associated with mental health issues. Cooking can be a relaxing moment that allows you to attain a sense of satisfaction with the outcome affording them the ability to get grounded in this process. It’s a great method to tackle any issue.

The restorative experimentation inherent in cooking may help increase ones appreciation of its unpretentious quality. It is possible to use existing abilities and preferences in order to make cooking more fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, old-fashioned recipes or food-splattered recipe cards that were handed down over generations provide insights into past times, while the corresponding familiarity of lost loved ones could be accessed through evocative smells and flavors. Finally, it is comforting knowing that your home contains carefully selected tastes, aromas and memories for minimum the next hour.

The art of cooking can be very beneficial providing many opportunities to gain a wealth of cooking skills, like techniques, utensils, cooking vessels and plating. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to study fascinating details of the past, culture, and the various components that go with different meals. Instead of looking at weeknight meals as something to do and do, think of cooking as a method to find peace. It can provide relief from stress and worries and a chance for you to develop a sense of meditation. Kitchens can provide people with access to an array of relaxing tasks and opportunities. It is therefore recommended to consider cooking the most essential solution.

While in college I attended one of the classes that dealt with positive psychology. I learned extensively on the notion of “flow,” which I discussed in detail in my final essay. Based on Verywell Mind, flow is best defined as “a kind of state of mind in the state of being completely engaged in their activity.” This isn’t just a type of sport. It could also be encountered in everyday activities that include eating meals for yourself or loved ones. In the act of eating, there is also an opportunity to feel joy and fulfillment in the daily essentials of life, regardless of your food background.

I’m content and satisfied and enjoying the moment in the fullest. Writing and cooking are the two moments where I feel “flow”. This is not exclusive to the kitchen; however. If you’re looking for more delicious food-related writings and recipes I recommend you subscribing to Salon Food’s monthly newsletter, The Bite. Alex Waidelich is a licensed associate counselor based in New Jersey. We spoke last week about mental health awareness while cooking at your home. The topic of executive functioning is one that has been growing in the popularity of both educational and non-educational communities.


The notion of flow, which is a key factor in a successful and fulfilled life, should be explored and accepted by every person. Flow can be described as the ability to experience the natural rhythms and get nourishment. If we participate in the actions that help us reach this state of mind we will be able to supply ourselves as well as our loved ones with the nutrition they require, both physically and spiritually. Food is both essential and an opportunity to flourish by embracing it with flow.